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The butterfly and hearts are from molds-the flowers , leaves and bows are handmade-( need to work on those) the texture is with an impression mat and then added the sugar pearls. All lightly painted with dry luster dust. 

I pre-made the roses one evening. The first rose took me about 10 minutes and now I can whip them up in a minute. The fondant needs to be pre-treated with CMC or Tylose so the fondant holds it's shape and is firmer and easier to work with. The rest of the cookie took be about 3/4 of an hour each but a repeat cookie would take allot less time.

It's just a luster dust, the left is white and the right one pearl. I love the finish it gives to the fondant. Roses hand rolled. As you see , still a work in progress. 



I have said this before, it must be the fondant that is different then Royal Icing giving this set a different appeal. But as far as knowledge, technique and talent, there are far greater then I- I am so humbled by this. Thanks! 

Thank you so much for your compliments. i am honored and thrilled at the fact that this set has been received so well. 

Because of my lack of tools, tips, colors I was limited and frustrated with RI. i also do not have a steady hand which was additionally frustrating. So I whipped up a batch of Fondant and it was like magic. i love working it. i walked throughout my house looking for objects that had designs that i could use to make impressions, had some store bought colors and began With a minimal expense.  i had bought Covapaste which was even easier to use then  what I made , it had more elasticity and was less sweet and stuck with that.

I am new to cookie making and have become passionate and really hope to continue to create beautiful sets. This site has been a wonderful place to share and learn and meet such talented artist. i feel honored to be among you all.