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Winter Stars

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These cookies are made from gingerbread dough and decorated with an isomalt star. For the smaller stars, I poured the isomalt into a star cutter mold (it was difficult to demold).
For the big star I made a template out of foam rubber and poured the isomalt into it. That worked pretty well.

Hi Gabi!!! It's wonderful to see your beautiful winter star cookies @Icingsugarkeks!! I've missed so much gorgeous work and cookie news lately . I'm still working my way through orders. Two more to go and then I'm hoping to have a break. Yay!!!

What a fabulous idea to create an "ice" star along with the mostly bare cookies. The combination creates a wonderful fantasy illusion. Love it!!! As always, your work is unique and beautiful my dear cookie friend. I hope you are well and had a wonderful New Year!! Hugs...❤️❤️

Aww... Carol, many many thanks dear !!!! Hugs to you!!! 😘  @Cookies Fantastique
I am always amazed by your commentaries. They are so unique and beautiful, precisely tailored for everyone. ❤️
I wish you will finish your orders soon. The next challenge is coming soon !!

Big hugs!!! 🤗🤗🤗

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