Best Bags for Heat-Sealing

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I love the 1.2mil clear flat polypropylene bags from I use them with my heat sealer and they work great. Papermart sells them in boxes of 1000 so you never run out and you get a great price. I have the 3x5, 4x6, and 5x5 sizes which work for most types of cookies. 

Hi there, I see you buy your bags from Papermart. How good are they about shipping charges?

Hi! Advice please! I'd like to buy an impulse sealer. I currently use cellophane bags with curling ribbon.  I just buy why my local cake supply store sells.


I see most people are using the poly bags with the impulse sealer.  Can you tell me the pros/cons, or why you use poly instead of cellophane?


Thanks so much!!!




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