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What are your tricks, especially for keeping stray airbrush coloring from sneaking under the stencil and onto the cookie edges?


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Hi Julia! When I started playing with my airbrush, I quickly saw that this was a problem.  Since that point, I avoid overspray by making a template to mask the edge.  I happened to put a pic on Instagram a little while ago,  so here is one to show if it helps anyone.





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  • Avoiding overspray

I'm still pretty new to airbrushing with stencils, but I had very good success with my most recent attempt and I think it was due to 1). using "support" cookies on either side of the cookie I was airbrushing to keep the stencil resting flat on the cookie I was spraying (otherwise you get a arc in the stencil and color can sneak underneath), and 2). spraying on 'low' and keeping the airbrush gun not-too-close to the surface of the cookie to keep the force of the air from pushing the stencil around.

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