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I don't have a Kopykake, and I am for some reason having a terrible time trying to download the Camera Lucida app. Can anyone out there help a NEWBIE? I have tried to trace onto tissue and then bleed the design (this is not working). I was wondering how everybody else transfers an image? Please help . . .

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The best way without any cameras or projectors in my opinion is the paper transfer method. You can get pretty tiny details with it, it never smears and is easy to accomplish.

Dolce Sentire has done an excellent tutorial for this here on Cookie Connection:

Paper Transfer Method

Hope it helps


thank you so very much I will have a look I have been trying to find something or someone but there really isn't tutorials for those of us that don't know...thank you again for you kindness in replying so fast 

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Hi Kim, I agree with Leoni about the paper transfer method. If you will be able to download the camera lucida app, have a look at Lucy's camera lucida set up here:


There are lots of interesting tips shared. They were very helpful and made me give a try to camera lucida. 


thanks Manu I have already tried the camera lucida three times on my iphone and ipad but it is just not downloading I even contacted the owner and he gave me two freebies to try but it just doesn't download properly it gets near to the end then just says, can't no backcamera (whatever that means)...the ipad is new and the phone is a windows phone but I have even tried the other version similar to camera lucida  called Artists Eye but I get the same message and the same thing happens


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thank you Chely for the reply but unfortunately I need someone to interpret for me in English..but thank you for your kindness in answering

Here's the rough translation of Chely's comment, which I got just from cutting and pasting into Google Translate: "I agree; that it is easiest transfer method, at least for me!"

(You should try Google Translate; it's so easy. I use it all of the time to understand the range of languages spoken on this site!)

thank you very much Julia I will have to do that in future I didn't even know it existed ha ha ...I am just not having any luck I have tried the transfer with tissue with no success, and for some reason I just can't use the downloads they are installing but I am not able to do anything it just keeps coming up on both phone and ipad ...can't open back camera ??

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These are all great suggestions . Another way to transfer an image onto a cookie is to use Marilyn's method, Montreal Confections, as shown in the UTube link here:

She uses an embroidery hoop with mesh inside the hoop (pulled taut), Marilyn then pipes the main lines of the design you want to copy directly onto the mesh. She then places the mesh hoop with the piped design on top of the cookie  and uses an airbrush to spray color over the cookie. The RI lines will turn out white on the actual cookie after it's been airbrushed. Then you have an easy guide to follow directly on the cookie.  I hope this also helps!

The reminder of this video method was given to me courtesy of Donaharrisburg! Thank you Dona .

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thank you Carol for your suggestion I really appreciate it...I must admit I forgot about that one idea I have watched that many tutorials and played around with my own ideas but I was getting so frustrated not being able to get the design onto the cookie. I just tried again for about the sixth time both the camera lucida and artists eye which is pretty much the same concept but neither have worked. Thank you all for replying and giving me some more ideas.

I trace lettering or images on parchment paper, then trace it on dry icing surface with a scribing tool, making scratches you can see. One disadvantage of this method is you can't see scratches well on a white icing...

IMG_7378 [2)IMG_7390 [2)


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thank you very much Julia I will have to do that in future I didn't even know it existed ha ha ...I am just not having any luck I have tried the transfer with tissue with no success, and for some reason I just can't use the downloads they are installing but I am not able to do anything it just keeps coming up on both phone and ipad ...can't open back camera ??

It sounds like something might be wrong with your phone/iPad configuration - you ought to be able to download that app. I have it on my iPad and it was super easy to get there. Why not take the phone to your local Apple store for some tech help? 

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I found out why they are not downloading I have windows phone and windows ipad apparently they don't work on those...typical ..I really wanted to use either camera lucida or there is also another one called artists eye nearly the same but neither will download. I guess I will just have to use another method...Thank you so very much everyone for trying to help me if anyone comes up with any other alternatives I could try I would really appreciate it...


its not an ipad as such it is called pendo pad I contacted microsoft and they told me that it is windows etc etc we got given it when we got wireless internet so I just assumed it was an ipad. sorry for the confusion.


Hi Kim, Laegwen and mintlemonade tips are still good and easier alternatives to camera lucida.

I suggest you to have a look online, there are many tips about how to fix that error message on your back camera "for android", which is your operating system. Somebody says that you need to restart your phone or soft reboot it and that's it, but I use apple devices so I can't really tell. Try also the free app for android called "Trace and draw" which works out as CamLucida, though if you already tried "Artist eye", with no success, probably it won't work either. Maybe if you bring your phone where you bought it they may help you.... Or maybe asking to a teenager will be even quicker!

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Hi Manu thank you for taking the time to reply xx...I have done pretty much all of what you said I just think I am jinxed ha ha...I am going to take it into town next time I am there and get them to take a look I live around 40 minutes away from where the shop is which doesn't sound a lot but I live out in the country so it is country road 40 minutes (if this makes any sense, when you don't live in Australia)..I love your work I hope that one day I can be as good at the moment I have sooooo much going on with looking after my grandson two days per week and other commitments it is hard to try and fit it all in...but I will get there very soon to put some others up and see what you think..

sorry to be still on this subject but here in Australia at least they still make LEAD pencils so really this is just a warning to everyone to make sure they are using GRAPHITE pencils when transferring onto cookies or food.  I thought like most people that they stopped producing lead pencils but apparently not so.

I have a method that could work for you I take a piece of parchment paper a little bigger than the photo I place over the photo I trace it could use a pencil or pen whatever preference you like, then I take a hot glue gun, I take the smallest hole attachment and start tracing the picture I traced, I let the glue dry and very carefully take the glue gun and add another layer of glue on top of the one I did before that that's dried I then let them both dry I take food colouring you can use any colour I use a sponge and I DAB it into the food colouring  and rub it on top of the pattern, I then take my cookie and pressing onto the sketch or you can take the sketch and press on to the cookie this takes some trial-and-error you can keep your sketches or templates by placing a piece of parchment paper over the part you put food colouring on and store them in a box for later use you have to be careful with small detailed areas I hope this can work for you

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