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Louise, they look wonderful and all designs show so well! If you are concerned that there is too much space in between them, just start moving them closer and overlapping a bit.  You want to make sure that you don't have two of the same colors side-by-side and if you do layer them at all, make certain that at least one of each design is completely unimpaired from view.  Again, they look fabulous!! If you are plating it specifically for a photo, yellow is very hard to shoot as a background.  Do you have white plate? It might make the colors pop a bit more. Also, I cut up corks as they are food safe and put them under different cookies to prop them up with layering.  This is probably more than you were asking for, but hopefully this helps you. Again, I think that it looks great as is!!  Just throwing out ideas as I am not sure what you are asking for.  

Originally Posted by Whisked Away Cookies:

You are welcome, Louise! I just could not tell if it was to plate them for photography or for a party. Either way, you have some great hints here!

I have found some plates, just black one's.

And also i found some handy storage containers for sprinkles.


Ps: Tracy, just read your column in Cake Masters!! Loved your pages!

I orderd the magazine from the UK i just got it!!

Not sure if someone gave a good source for this or not (I do this as a hobby and for friends and family mostly so I don't buy in bulk), the Dollar Tree near me has fairly good sized clear plastic platters in the wedding supplies and always a good supply of shrink wrap for baskets that I use on the platter. There is usually extra wrap after I shrink the wrap on the tray but at $2.00 for the platter and the wrap it's a steal. Take a look at my hot air balloon cookies, there is a picture with a pull bow on the front of the tray that will give you and idea of how I put the tray together.  Yes, bonus the shrink wrap comes with a pull bow too boot!

Not sure what a Nobbies is, we don't have them in this area.  Our Dollar Tree's have various shapes of platters, depending on what time of year it is and even carry ones in color at times.  Most of the time I am giving the cookies to a friend or a co-worker as a gift and want to use something that they don't have to worry about returning, but you would note believe how many of them I get back.   I hope to continue to hear more great ideas.

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