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I don't sell cookies. I do often receive requests for cookies and like to pass these on to local or online cookiers. I recently tasted cookies from three different folks to whom I've referred customers. All three produced absolutely lovely-looking cookies, all three tasted bland, dusty, and stodgy. I could taste flour and baking powder, no butter, no vanilla, no almond. All three went in the trash. I won't refer to them in the future, but do I provide feedback on the cookies?  Surely they know how bad the taste is? Most of the business seems to be women buying amazing-looking cookies for events that people take home with them and eat later. So maybe taste doesn't really matter? Should I give feedback? Do you business-minded cookiers use butter or flavoring?  

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I'd give feedback. If I still had my bakery, I'd want to know if someone was disappointed in a purchase for whatever reason. But, I'd suggest using the "sandwich" technique to deliver it - sandwich the hard part between two nice comments. In other words, lead with a positive ("the designs were lovely"), then deliver the feedback ("but I was disappointed with the flavor; I'd love to have tasted more of this or that"), and close with a positive ("Again, such beautiful work. I wish you much success." Or whatever you feel comfortable saying). People find it easier to internalize and act on feedback if it isn't delivered as a torrent of negativity.

Well said Julia @Julia M. Usher!! I agree that feedback is important for the cookier. I do sell cookies and on my FB site I ask customers to provide me with honest reviews. I have never received a negative comment on the taste. Quite the opposite. But, not everyone leaves a review. How could I possibly know if the taste was not up to snuff if someone doesn't speak up and tell me? At least 50% of my orders come from previous customers and referrals. I depend on these orders to continue making money. I have no doubt that I'm not alone. Julia's "sandwich" suggestion is perfect!! ❤️

I agree that feedback is really important!
If we don´t receive them, how could we improve at our business.
The important point here is the way as we give the feedback (and also receive !)
I agree with the sandwich technique! :-)

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