Woo hoo! The links to sign up for my online 3-D cookie class with EduK in July are now available, below. And here's a quick teaser . . .



Important Notes:


(1) I will be doing ALL NEW projects for this class; those in the trailer video above are past work and only suggestions of what I will be teaching.


(2) The course will be live-streamed for FREE on July 27, 28 and 29 at various times. Afterwards, it will be available for a fee to view on demand. That fee will be set and published by EduK at a later date.


(3) The course will be given in English and translated into Portuguese and Spanish.


To sign up for the live-streaming:


If you speak Portuguese, click here.

If you speak Spanish, click here.


If you speak English or any other language, click on either of the above pages and translate the site into your language to sign up. (Most browsers should automatically present you with a translate option for the site.)

I look forward to "seeing" you there! Now, to get cracking on those NEW projects! 


** UPDATE AS OF AUGUST 8, 2015 **



Now that the live-streaming is over, the links above may not work. BUT, you can still purchase the recorded course!


If you speak Portuguese, hang tight; that link is coming soon!

If you speak English, click here to purchase. (Note: The class price is listed in pesos, not USD.)


If you speak Spanish, click here to purchase.


Many thanks for checking out my course!

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Originally Posted by Karen A. Hitchcock:

my browser does not give an English version to signup for your class. Is there one?? Thanks, Karen Ann

Try browsing in Chrome. As soon as I click on any of the links above, Chrome automatically translates the page for me (there's a little pop-up in the upper right that indicates when it's translating). I'll be giving the class in English, so either version will be in English, though with a translation also provided.

Originally Posted by Julia M. Usher:
Originally Posted by Karen A. Hitchcock:

Still can not see in English, but would like to be included also Thanks, Karen ann

You'll have to sign up to be included. Sorry, I don't know how to help any more than I have. Chrome automatically translates the site for me - and I know other browsers will too.  

If you can browse in Chrome, all you have to do is right click on any page of the site; then select "Translate to English", and the page will be translated for you. Alternatively, all you need to do to sign up is fill out the panel to the right of the page (see attachment) with your name, email, and cell, and then click the green "Reservar tu Lugar" button, and you will have reserved a spot for the live-streaming at the time indicated on the site. The live-streaming is free. If you miss it, you can pay for the full class and all the associated recipes and notes later.


Sign up


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I am groaning as I read.  It looks like I almost missed this.  I saw it posted but thought it was a travel announcement, which it is, but I didn't realize we could see it.  Now, after reading that some have a problem signing up, I will wait for my daughter to make sure I do it right, and to make sure I don't burst into tears.


Can we only see it live stream, one time, or can we re-watch it again?  Oh, can we  re-watch on any one of those dates?


Will EduK announce when it is available on view on demand, or will you announce it to us?  

Will this be payable through Paypal? 


I am delving into the abyss, over thinking...  I am interested in everything. 

Dona - the live-streaming is free at certain times on the dates of July 27 to 29. (This means that the whole course will be videocast live at those EXACT times.) Then the recorded videos go on-demand for a fee that EduK sets and announces; purchasing the videos on-demand allows you access to them any time you want. The on-demand videos won't be available until AFTER the course has live-streamed. Once I know pricing, etc., I will likely announce here as well, though right now I am super busy with trying to get prepped for the classes! I'm not sure exactly how their payment system is set up, but if you look at the bottom of the site, they indicate the payment forms that they take:


Payment Methods


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Hi Julia!  Thanks for your quick response.  I took a chance and clicked on a page.  I got the reservation but am unable to enter my cell number.  I get an invalid number.  I haven't figured it out yet.    I did see the payment options so I won't be in a tizzy when it is time to buy.  lol  Meanwhile I'll keep the reservation form page open so my daughter can look.  I need to walk away as I feel anxious right now.  Just know I am interested.

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