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Hi, everyone, this post is part information about a new resource and part shameless self-promotion, so consider yourself forewarned! 

Ann Clark (you know, that famous US-based cookie cutter company) has launched a new blog and series within that blog called "Superhero of Sweets", where they aim to feature cookiers and other sugar artists on a regular basis. Their goal is to heighten awareness of our craft and those who contribute to it. I think it will be a great resource to members here, especially those interested in learning more about how established cookiers developed their styles and businesses.

Now, onto the shameless self-promotion part . . . I am honored to say that I was featured earlier today in their inaugural "Superhero" post, which made my day! In my interview, I talk about everything from my views on social media to my favorite cookie decorating tool and typical approach to 3-D cookie design. If you're so inclined, you can read all about it here, or, if not, just skip the interview and jump on over to the Ann Clark shop. They've got a great assortment of cutters there!

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Congratulation Julia! No shameless self-promotion, instead it is nice to have you "on the other side" and read what in this site would be called "Cookier Close-Up" but where the cookier featured is you. Congrats on being the inaugural Superhero, you must be so honored and proud!

Julia, what an awesome interview!!!! You are truly an inspiration to so many in the world of culinary arts. "Shameless self-promotion"?  How about well deserved recognition for your contribution to our world!? You have been an inspiration to me (and I'm sure to others as well) from the very beginning of learning about the fascinating world of becoming a cookier (love that name ).  Thank you and a huge Congrats .

Was a great read and I agree with Carol.  You are a "Superhero" in my cookie world and I am thankful that you are so willing to share your experience and skills.  I am sure that all of us who are regulars to this site value the time and effort that you spend to give us a community.

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