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Julia M. Usher

Cake Masters Magazine Cookie Award Finalists Announced! Featured

· in 2019 Events · 0 replies
This year was my sixth year serving as judge in the Cake Masters Magazine Awards. As always, it's a terrific honor to be judging alongside the likes of these sugar artists . . . But it's also a terrific challenge . . . Since I won their first Cookie Award in 2013, the cookie competition has gotten stiffer and stiffer as cookiers' collective skills have risen to new and incredible heights. The same is true of all the other sugar arts categories! (I think I spent something like 12 hours trying...Read More...
Julia M. Usher

CookieCon Add-On Workshops Open for Registration Tomorrow, October 16

· in 2020 Events · 0 replies
Hi, all! Just a heads up that CookieCon 2020 Add-on Workshop registration opens tomorrow, October 16 (8 pm ET; 7 pm CT; 6 pm MT) , for those already with CookieCon tickets . It re-opens on October 23 at the same time for general public registration. Here's the page to go to for registration : (Just click on "Modify CookieCon Registration" at the appointed time.) And here's the page for advance review of the available workshops : More...
Julia M. Usher

My Latest Stencil Sale - Get Ready for Christmas, People!

· in Tools · 0 replies
I'm back with another great stencil sale to help grease the skids for Christmas shopping! My stencil partner and I are offering 15% off all Christmas stencils on their site through 10/21/2019. Just follow the info in the photo to get the discount, and SHOP HERE ! We are also planning new sales each week through Black Friday, so please do check the Cookie Connection forums and sidebars for my sale updates throughout October and November. Enjoy! Cookies and photo by: Confection Couture...Read More...
Sabrina Veksler

Edible Image Icing Sheets - Why Do They Tear??

· in Edible Paper Q&A · 2 replies Julia M. Usher Icingsugarkeks
Hello, I know there is another thread for tried and true methods of applying edible images to royal icing, but my inquiry is more specific. I was wondering if anybody could help me understand why my images sometimes tear as they dry. I thought I'd found a solid approach that worked great for my last edible image job: Working with 6 cookies at a time, I'd pipe a border and flood the cookies with white, and then when the 6th one is flooded, I'd go back over each one that had slightly...Read More...
Dani Matos

How to Avoid Royal Icing Cracking?

· in Outlining and Flooding Q&A · 10 replies Icingsugarkeks Econlady Dani Matos
I'm facing a problem during the drying process with my cookies . . . I'm using air conditioner to dry my cookies, and the royal icing crack during this process. I'm not moving the cookie during the drying process. Also, this appears more when I do large cookies. How to avoid that? My icing receipt is with meringue powder.Read More...