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Julia M. Usher

Saturday Spotlight on Sunday!

· in Important Admin Notices · 1 reply Tina at Sugar Wishes
Hi, everyone. My apologies again, but this weekend's Spotlight will likely come on Sunday instead. I am visiting my mother to help her prep to move to my hometown later this year, but I spent all day in the ER with her instead. I was awoken after no more than two hours of sleep to take her in, so I am going to try to catch up on sleep right now. (She's fine; false alarm, actually . . .)Read More...
Julia M. Usher

Our July Site Artist Is Also a Familiar Face Featured

· in Important Admin Notices · 2 replies IcingsugarkeksAproned Artist
Hi, everyone! Like last month's site artist, our featured July cookier is a familiar face here on Cookie Connection , best known for her extraordinary attention to detail and amazingly clear and concise tutorials! Yes, this person is none other than the fabulous Samantha Yacovetta, aka @Aproned Artist , author of our monthly Every Little Detail tutorial series . Because Samantha was the subject of a rather recent Close-up , I am going to skip my normal Close-up interview that I do with...Read More...
Marie O

New Member

· in New Member Intros · 5 replies Julia M. UsherJulia M. UsherMarie OJulia M. UsherJulia M. Usher
Hi Everyone! I'm so excited to have found this wonderful website! The cookies are amazing and it's hard not to feel overwhelmed and intimidated by the exquisite artwork in the photos. I wonder if I'll ever develop the same perfection techniques, but it's worth trying to reach that level. As you can see, I still struggle with getting my royal icing to be smooth. I love decorating cookies and learning new methods and practices to improve my skills at cookie art. I've enjoyed watching Julia's...Read More...

HELP! My Icing Sheets/Transfers Are a Tad Bit Too Big for My Cookie!

· in Other Technique/Design Help Needed - STAT! · 12 replies Julia M. UsherEAC MG IcingsugarkeksJulia M. Usher
I made 4 dozen square cookies (3") and I ordered icing transfers/sheets from Etsy. I've used them before for hearts and circles and they were always a little smaller than my cookie so I never had this issue. I did the outline and the flooding, then I placed the icing sheets, now one each cookie there is a little excess hanging over the edge (maybe not even 1/16"?), but it's not attached to anything. I need some advice on what to do with it? Should I somehow trim it? Should I do something...Read More...