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Taking the Challenge

Tina at Sugar Wishes
To my joy, the package from Chef Alan's Global Sugar Art, which I won in a Cookie Connection (CC) Practice Bakes Perfect (PBP) challenge, was patiently waiting for me as I finally returned stateside for a visit. It was filled to the brim with so many products; it was like an early Christmas present packed with colors, dusts, tips, sprinkles, mixes, and powders. A cookier's dream - $100 to shop at Global Sugar Art's online store! Few people can understand what a marvelous gift this was to me!Read More...
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Saturday Spotlight Delay

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all! I had intended to post a CookieCon Sugar Show recap as this weekend's Saturday Spotlight , but I am still awaiting the final winning photos. It is now pretty late here and I have mounds of other work to do, so I will hopefully post it tomorrow (Sunday) or just as soon as I receive the photos. Stay tuned! From the photos I've caught on Facebook and Instagram, the wait will be worth it - the show looked pretty darn spectacular!Read More...

Using Other People's Designs

Forum: Legalese
Terry H.
Hope I'm posting in the right place. It's my eventual goal to have more of my own cookie designs but right now I sometimes use designs dreamed up (really I should say, painstakingly crafted) by other cookiers. I assume that if someone posted a tutorial on how to make their cookie, then they are okay with other people using their ideas. But what is the etiquette on using someone else's design, especially if you sell the cookies? Should I contact each person, where possible and ask for...Read More...
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CookieCon 2019 Has Just Been Announced!

Julia M. Usher
Wow, CookieCon 2018 has barely started, and CookieCon 2019 has already been announced! As luck would have it, CookieCon is moving to an annual schedule of every spring, starting in March 2019. Mark your calendars now for the world's largest cookie-only convention! For more information about pricing, registration, and so on, please visit the CookieCon site, here .Read More...
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