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Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #31: Wet-on-Wet

It's "cookie kryptonite" time again here in Practice Bakes Perfect land! Since it is either spring or fall for you, depending on your hemisphere, now is the perfect time to wrestle with the ever-changing temperature and humidity conditions that play such a critical role in executing wet-on-wet cookie designs...

Fresh from the Forums

As some of you may know, I've been traveling and teaching in Japan over the last week. These teaching experiences are memorable in SO many ways, but the biggest joy BY FAR is making real, live, face-to-face connections with Cookie Connection members. It's so wonderful to finally put faces to names, and to talk in person with those people I've grown to admire and appreciate from afar. This week, I've had the good fortune of meeting at least four Cookie Connection members...Read More...
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A Halloween Before and After

So almost a year ago to the date, I decorated my very first sugar cookie. I became totally addicted to the process. Since then I've done cookies for almost every major holiday and some others just for fun. I just love everything about cookie decorating from designing, to baking, to decorating. I've made a TON of mistakes over the past year but practice makes perfect. My decorating skills still need improvement and, frankly, some of you Cookie Connection members out there just amaze me with...Read More...
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Royal Icing Issues

Hi, all! I'm having problems and I hope someone can help!! I've been making the same sugar cookie recipe and royal icing recipe for YEARS! now all of a sudden, the icing is failing on me. It happened a few weeks ago for the first time. I doubled the recipe because I had 100 cookies to ice and by accident I used a whip. (I assumed it was the whip that was the problem) The icing almost doubled in size in the bowl and it didn't dry for 6 days!! It tasted almost like a marshmallow. And when it...Read More...
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Hi, all, a quick Saturday Spotlight update! Two days ago, I posted a special (and extra long) Spotlight featuring the winners of my "Julia Usher's Decorated Cookie Competition" at the 2018 Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show (OSSAS). Those winners were Stacy Frank (aka @thefrostitute), Shelby Bower, and Heather Brookshire. (Congrats again, ladies!) Not only did they create superb works of art for the show, but they also did a superb job of providing work-in-process photos and...Read More...
Hi, I’m a new mom to a 7 week old. I haven’t accepted any orders since July to give myself a maternity leave. I’m no longer working my 9-5, and I would like to begin making treats full time. However, being a new mom is exhausting and I’m worried about reopening too soon and being unable to keep up with orders. Ideally I thought I’d have a routine by now and could reopen, but my daughter has no schedule, things are still a bit chaotic and I’m receiving inquiries for orders in November and...Read More...
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