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Gingerbread recipe - can only roll on parchment paper

HI all! I'm new to this forum and so happy to be here. I have an issue with Julia's gingerbread recipe, when I roll it out it is very difficult to remove it intact to transfer it to the baking sheet. If I roll it on parchment paper, of course I do not have that problem as I take away the excess cookie dough and am able to transfer the parchment paper with the cookies with no problem and they bake beautifully. Anyone know why the cutouts break apart if I try to transfer by hand? Thank you in...Read More...
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Beverly Bunker
Hello everyone! Thank you for such a beautiful site to be a part of. I am relatively new to the art of cookie decorating for myself as a hobby. I have been drooling over cookie decorating images for about five years now, and two years ago I decided to try it out for myself. Although I did not know about the different aspects of royal icing, I still played around with decorating three dozen Valentine’s Day cookies which nobody wanted to eat because they were so pretty! Now after watching all...Read More...
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Call for Help! Packaging for Shipping and Freshness!

So I went live with my Etsy shop on Thanksgiving Day. I got my first two orders not long after. One package arrived, the other did not. Thank you for that happy customer USPS! When I sent out my first two orders I packaged up a cookie for myself with the plan to taste test along with the customer when they received their package. Not like on video chat or anything, but I would eat it the same day they got the packaged delivered. (Hope that made sense lol) Anyway, back to the problem. The...Read More...
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Paint Your Own Cookie Troubleshooting

Hi all! I’m playing around with PYO cookies for the first time and was wondering if anyone had some tips to share. I made some the other day that I let my kids test out for me. They looked great and the kids had fun with them, but the painted colors were pretty light on my 5 year old’s masterpiece. And my 2 year old just completely dissolved the stenciled image and ended up with a gray cookie 😂. I know it’s kind of the “nature of the beast” for water to dissolve the stenciled image when...Read More...
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Interview with Me on Caker's Chat

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all! Last year in April at SoFlo Cake & Candy Expo, I was interviewed by the very fun and charming Juliet Galea of Caker's Chat . Her company was part of the official media team covering the event, and she elected to interview a number of cake decorators, vendors, competitors, and others attending the show. I was, however, the sole cookie decorator who was interviewed! (I hope I represented us well! ) At the start, she asks me a bit about how I got started in the sweets business and...Read More...
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Egg White Icing Refrigeration

I think I have read all of the royal icing topics pertaining to egg white safety, but I still have a question. If this topic has already been asked and answered, please let me know. I understand that using pasteurized egg whites (or meringue powder) reduces, or eliminates altogether, the possibility of salmonella, and that a high sugar content in any confection will retard the birth/spread of bacteria, but as I am not cooking the icing at all, the pasteurized egg whites are still considered...Read More...
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