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A 2020 (Long Overdue) Milestone Award!

Cookie Connection old-timers may recall that, back in April 2016, I announced the founding of Cookie Connection's Milestone Awards program, designed to honor the incredible volunteers who have stood the test of time by serving this community with outstanding content for more than one year. Since that time, I've awarded only a handful of such awards - all to...

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Luna Lovegood Sunglass Cookies 🤗

· in Other Technique/Design Help Needed - STAT! · 3 replies A LK Julia M. Usher
Has anyone made Luna Lovegood's eyeglasses cookies? I actually only need one -- about 6-8" wide. I'm making an LL cake -- a 9" x 13" open book, topped with scarf, stars, wand, and glasses. The scarf and wand will be fondant, and the stars will be cookies. It would be easiest to make the glasses fondant too, but a cookie would look so much better. I have a great dough recipe for big cookies (I've made 6" turkey Thanksgiving placecards for years), so I'd love to have a discussion about this...Read More...

How to Mix a Deep Purple Color?

· in Icing Issues · 7 replies Econlady Julia M. Usher A
How do I get a deep (blue) purple color? I've tried buying purple from more than one company, but they are all pale grey lavender, not purple. When I add dark blue, the grey in the original still affects the color. I end up with a dark grey with a purplish tinge. Very pretty, but not purple. Thanks for your help!Read More...

Favorite Vanilla and Almond Extract? Extract vs. Emulsion?

· in Other Recipe Help Needed - STAT! · 6 replies Icingsugarkeks LK
I apologize if this was posted by someone else. I looked and didn't see my exact question. Is there a favorite vanilla extract that is used? I just ordered some vanilla extract 2 fold from Spices, Etc., and will try it this weekend. I find that when I use just regular vanilla extract that it never really tastes "vanilla-y." I also ordered some LorAnn's Almond Emulsion for the icing. Has anyone had better luck with these, or do you prefer emulsions over extracts? I saw the LorAnn's butter...Read More...

Red Royal Icing: How to Get a Dark Shade?

· in Icing Issues · 10 replies Icingsugarkeks LK Sweet Prodigy
I always have trouble making red icing or frosting. I use the Wilton color right food dyes and it still come out like a very very dark pink. And by then I feel like I’ve used half the bottle of food coloring. Does anyone have any tips for making red?Read More...

Salt Taste

· in Cookie Conundrums · 6 replies Icingsugarkeks S Sweet Prodigy
Sometimes when I bake sugar cookies I can taste grains of salt in bites of cookie. I sift the salt in with the flour to make sure it’s all mixed in good, but I can still taste salt pieces. Is this normal? I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’m using regular salt.Read More...
Julia M. Usher

Calling All Cookiers - Including First-Time Competitors! Prizes in My Cookie Competition Are Now $10,000! Featured

· in 2020 Events · 0 replies
CALLING ALL COOKIERS - INCLUDING FIRST-TIME COMPETITORS! Prizes in my cookie competition at That Takes the Cake Show are now up to $10,000, thanks to the generosity of several sponsors who you will "meet" next week. What's more, EVERYONE (and I mean EVERYONE) has a chance to win! Unsure about entering as a newbie? Here’s a fact that should spur you on: Five out of six winners last year were first-timers to my competition! And, even if you don't win, the learning is priceless! DON'T DELAY!Read More...
Julia M. Usher

More New Year's Changes - Site Tech Platform is Rebranding on January 20!

· in Important Admin Notices · 0 replies
Hi, all! It’s a new year, and, with it, Cookie Connection 's site tech platform, now called and run by Social Strata, is rebranding themselves. They are changing the name of to Crowdstack, effective next Monday, January 20, 2020. That new name will be reflected in the logo you see below. Their company name will remain Social Strata. According to the email I received from them this morning, this rebranding better characterizes their service, which is an application to help...Read More...