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Craftsy is Now Bluprint!

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all! Just a quick note that Craftsy, as we used to know it, is no longer! "Craftsy" was recently rebranded to "Bluprint". So what does this mean for us here on Cookie Connection ? The good news (for now anyway) is that all the Craftsy classes you once saw promoted via affiliate links on this site still exist (phew!), but they now show up under Bluprint links (like the one shown below) and reside on the Bluprint site. Craftsy has been completely subsumed into Bluprint. In other words, you...Read More...

Dealing with Price "Negotiators"

Forum: Pricing
Hi, everyone - I've searched a bit on the site but haven't quite found what I'm looking for, so I hope it's ok I'm creating a new post. I started doing cookies about a year ago and it's going well. I was surprised how many people were willing to pay what I charge in my area, which is very rural. However, I still get a few people here and there who want to negotiate on price. My system 8 times out of 10 is that I charge $45 per dozen for a mixture of designs. They pick the theme, I design the...Read More...
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