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Saturday Spotlight: Top 10 Cookies

Hi, everyone! It's great to be back to the Saturday Spotlight routine after a brief breather for the Thanksgiving holiday. (Though, admittedly, it hardly feels like I had any vacation at all after being back to work for a week . . . it's been a zany one, what with complicated site updates and all!) From the looks of this week's hot list, I can see that, while I was away, everyone...

Every Little Detail with Aproned Artist: Hanukkah Gelt Cookie

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah. At our house, Hanukkah was always a quiet affair with an understated elegance. As a child, I would have called it “fancy”. Maybe it was the colors, the deep blues and shiny metallics, that made it feel so sophisticated. Maybe it was...

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Rachel Boothe

Tracing Technology?

· in Kopykake and Tracing Q&A · 3 replies Rachel Boothe Julia M. Usher
I want to be able to trace images onto cookies, eventually. Right now I am a beginner,but I have big dreams. I just can't see spending the high amount of money that cookie projectors cost. I have read about how to make your own, but then last night I was looking at social media, and an ad came up for a device called an "optical image drawing board". Apparently you use it to project any image from your tablet or phone to a surface onto which you can trace the image. I have looked at several...Read More...
Rachel Boothe

Role of Cream of Tartar in Cookie Dough

· in Cookie Conundrums · 3 replies Rachel Boothe Julia M. Usher
I am new here and this is my first post. I hope I am placing it in the correct forum. I am new to cookie decorating, having only made my second batch of cookies. I am still in the process of decorating them. The first batch of cookies I made were delicious, but some of them spread a little. As a result, I did not decorate those that spread. I made the second batch using less flour but adding cornstarch. They did not spread and they tasted good, but are not as delicious as the first batch.Read More...
Julia M. Usher

Clip Posting Glitches - Please Read - Some Important To-Dos for All Members! Featured

· in Important Admin Notices · 16 replies Icingsugarkeks Julia M. Usher
***** UPDATE AS OF 12/6/2019, 9:00 pm CT ***** All of the issues below have been resolved, so there are no actions for you to take unless you encounter other bugs on the site. If so, please post them below. Thanks for your patience as I worked through all of this. ****** Hi, all! As you may or may not know, the site underwent routine maintenance yesterday (12/5/2019), and the support team also installed some new functionality (that I will not be rolling out, but that's another story . . .).Read More...

Indiana Cottage Food Law: Farmers Markets & Roadside Stands Only?

· in Legalese · 3 replies Julia M. Usher
Hi everyone! I am brand new to the cookie world and to the Cookie Connection, so I apologize if this has already been discussed and I missed it. I'm based in Indiana and looked into the Cottage Food Law which say, "foods may only be sold at farmers markets and roadside stands within the state." How does this work with advertising/selling on social media? I've read a lot of blogs/forums about Facebook/Instagram being the best place to market yourself. Is that not allowed given Indiana's law?Read More...
Julia M. Usher

Site Downtime on December 5 for Routine Maintenance Featured

· in Important Admin Notices · 0 replies
Hi, all! Heads up! My tech support team ( will be performing maintenance on December 5, 2019 to update the software that powers Cookie Connection . The maintenance window will be from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. During this maintenance window, there could be downtime of up to 1 hour. Again, downtime is to be expected during this time, so there is no need to alert me if you encounter it. Thanks so much!Read More...
Julia M. Usher

Introducing Our January Live Chat - The Last in Our CookieCon 2020 Speakers Series! Featured

· in Important Admin Notices · 0 replies
Hello, cookiers! I'm concluding our CookieCon 2020 Speakers Series (our series of live chats with CookieCon Core Instructors) with a chat you won't want to miss - especially if you aspire to one day open your own brick-and-mortar cookie shop! On January 11 at 10 am central time , we'll be chatting with Jackie Huebbe, longtime cookie lover and owner of SugarBot Sweet Shop, which launched in 2012 and has since expanded to two locations in Saint Charles, Missouri. At CookieCon 2020, Jackie will...Read More...
Julia M. Usher

CyberCookie to the Rescue!

· in Tools · 0 replies
Hey, it’s CYBERCOOKIE here, coming to your rescue! Just a quick reminder that you can take your cookie superpowers to new heights with Julia’s stencil sets - PLUS, they’re 25% off today, Cyber Monday! Just check out Julia’s partner Confection Couture Stencils ’ site and use the coupon code CYBERCOOKIE at checkout! SHOP HERE: www.confectioncouturestencils.comRead More...