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Julia M. Usher

"Out-of-Office" Notice for Julia Featured

· in Important Admin Notices · 3 replies Icingsugarkeks Z S
Hi, all! Just a heads up: I am leaving to teach in Australia on May 7 and will not be returning until May 17. These teaching trips are really intense, and leave me little time to do anything other than teach my day's class and prep for the next one, and then do that all over again - usually four or five days in a row. This trip will be no different; it has me going nonstop. That being said, there will be no Spotlight again until May 21, and I will have very limited ability to field emails,...Read More...
Julia M. Usher

Your May Site Artist Is Moi! Featured

· in Important Admin Notices · 0 replies
Yes, I know - my selection this month is a bit of a cop-out. However, featuring my own work allows me much-needed time to catch up on the Cookier Close-up s for previous site artists, as I don't need to write a Close-up for myself! Yay! While we're on the subject of overdue Close-up s, here's a brief update on them . . . @Evelindecora 's is underway, and I hope to have it posted next week. I have yet to start on those for @Ryoko ~Cookie Ave. and @Bożena Aleksandrow , but I will do so as soon...Read More...
Elke Hoelzle

Go Fund Me to help Cookie Volunteer

· in Marketing and Promotion · 1 reply Julia M. Usher
Dear fellow cookiers, for the first time in Brazil we are going to have a big fair that treats decorated cookies the same level as cakes. I've worked very hard this past year for the Cookie Pavillion to happen during the Expo Cakes Brazil, a very important fair in the state of São Paulo in May. We will need a volunteer to help me and the vice-president of the Brazilian Society of Cookie Artists during 5 days. We will need help raising the funds to help our volunteer duting the fair. Bellow...Read More...
Julia M. Usher

No Saturday Spotlight, But Likely a Sunday One Featured

· in Important Admin Notices · 1 reply Julia M. Usher
Hi, all. I must sound like a tape recording, but I am traveling again and not getting home until late tonight, likely exhausted after running on very little sleep this week. (Don't get me started on why. ) So I won't be writing the Spotlight tonight (Saturday), but I AM aiming to get to it on Sunday night. Thanks for your patience.Read More...