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· in Icing Issues · 4 replies EconladyJulia M. UsherEconladyJulia M. Usher
My royal icing has been falling off my cookie after a couple days of it drying. My cookie isn't soft so I was wondering if there was any way I could prevent sheeting. I mix it in my KitchenAid but on a low setting for not very long. Thank you!Read More...
Julia M. Usher

Julia's Valentine's Day Stencil Sale Featured

· in Tools · 0 replies
Ooh, we're fast approaching my second favorite (or favorite?!) cookie time of the year - Valentine's Day! I imagine you probably love it as much as I do, so I've got just the sale for you! From today, January 12, through January 18, my stencil partner Confection Couture Stencils and I are offering 15% off all Valentine's cookie stencils! What's not to love about that?! Just use coupon code BEMINE15 at checkout: https://www.confectioncoutures...entines-day-stencilsRead More...

Blotchy Icing

· in Icing Issues · 9 replies Julia M. Usher NP Econlady NP Econlady
I have been struggling with my royal icing getting lighter and blotchy as it dries. It gets lighter but never fully changes to the lighter color and looks almost like a two toned type dye. It’s not butter bleed because I don’t have any butter in my cookies so I don’t know what is could be? Never heard of anyone having this problem which is weird too!Read More...