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Every Little Detail with Aproned Artist: Hanukkah Gelt Cookie

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah. At our house, Hanukkah was always a quiet affair with an understated elegance. As a child, I would have called it “fancy”. Maybe it was the colors, the deep blues and shiny metallics, that made it feel so sophisticated. Maybe it was...

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Julia M. Usher

Sponsor (or Enter) Julia's Cookie Art Competition! Featured

· in 2020 Events · 4 replies Julia M. Usher Econlady
Keen on advancing the state of cookie art? Eager to celebrate your cookie heroes and to give back to the cookie community? Longing to see your name in lights? All of the above?! Well then, look no further! A sponsorship of Julia M. Usher’s Cookie Art Competition™ at That Takes the Cake Show in Austin will let you do all three! Please contact me (Julia) at to sign up to sponsor. READ ABOUT SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES HERE : More of a...Read More...
Julia M. Usher

Ring in the New Year with Julia's Latest Cookie Stencil Sale! Featured

· in Tools · 0 replies
GACK, I can't believe I just typed, "Ring in the New Year"! I mean, where on earth did 2019 go, people?! But, yes, as hard as it may be to believe, it's just about time to start cranking out cookies for all of your holiday festivities. And, because the holidays are always so darn busy, there's nothing better than a stencil set or two to help you with that cranking! In the spirit of making this season easier on you, my partner Confection Couture Stencils and I are offering 10% off all New...Read More...
Julia M. Usher

3-D Cookies Make Headlines!

· in Members In The News · 7 replies Evelindecora Julia M. Usher Petra Florean
Who knew that the fascination with 3-D cookies would ever become so big that Eater would publish an article about them - and me?! I am so flattered to have been featured in this piece, and so grateful to be a part of our very generous and uplifting cookie community. Thanks to writer Hal Sundt for his incredible attention to detail - he even traveled to St. Louis to my cookie competition at Show Me Sweets to do research for this piece. And thank you to Mattea LinAe for capturing me on film,...Read More...
Julia M. Usher

Next Up in Our CookieCon 2020 Speakers Series - Le Monnier du Biscuit! Featured

· in Important Admin Notices · 0 replies
Hi, all! Before I formally introduce the guest of honor in our next live chat, just a bit of background on our CookieCon Speakers Series . . . Each year in the run up to CookieCon , the country's largest cookie decorating convention, I like to chat with the keynote speaker and all of the core instructors with whom we've not recently chatted. These people are reliably movers and shakers in the cookie world, which means that their chats are always sprinkled with seeds of wisdom and on fire...Read More...
Julia M. Usher

Julia's Last Chance Christmas Stencil Sale - November 5 through 11!

· in Tools · 0 replies
Hi, all! I'm back with a brand new stencil sale this week, which runs from November 5 through November 11! This time, you have one last chance before the holidays to get great savings (10%!) on all of my and my partner Confection Couture Stencils ' Christmas stencils, including my most recently released designs. And, yes, the discount applies to both my Prettier Plaques ™ and Dynamic Duos ™ Christmas sets! Don't delay - there are lots of great holiday gifts to be found! Just click this link...Read More...
Sweet distractions

Sitting in the Sun!

· in Technique Tips · 6 replies Tracey @ Creative Cookies 'n More Sweet distractions Icingsugarkeks
Hi! This is my first ever question to any group, so forgive me if I may be incorrect in asking. I'm just getting into this hobby as a distraction from work. I'm in sunny, very sunny, Phoenix, AZ. Yesterday, November 3rd, it was 90 degrees. Holidays don't wait for the weather. Is it possible to use a chilled marble tray with a chilled marble rolling pin to get going on my baking. It doesn't take long for the dough to get too soft. Your answer is appreciated. Have a sweet week. Sweet Distractions!Read More...
Julia M. Usher

Congrats to the Cake Masters 2019 Cookie Award Winner!

· in 2019 Events · 3 replies Evelindecora PUDING FARM Petra Florean
Woot woot! The winners of the Cake Masters Awards , which I recently judged, were announced last night at Cake International in Birmingham, England. Congrats to all of the many talented winners in every category, but special congrats to cookie winner, Liz Joy of Inspired to Taste ! Well done! And thanks to JSA (Japan Salonaise Association) for sponsoring the category! SEE ALL THE CAKE MASTERS WINNERS HERE: ALSO, SEE THE CAKE INTERNATIONAL WINNERS HERE: ...Read More...
Julia M. Usher

Introducing the Very Special Cookie Track at That Takes the Cake Show! Featured

· in 2020 Events · 0 replies
It's pretty astounding that cookies are now front and center in the sugar arts community, don't you think?! In a concerted effort to serve the growing cookie interest at their show, That Takes the Cake Show (Austin, TX, USA, February 22-23, 2020) continues its popular "Cookie Track", a series of cookie decorating demos (some of which are hands-on ) by cookiers and other sugar artists! I'm thrilled to announce that, in addition to judging Julia M. Usher’s Cookie Art Competition ™ at the show...Read More...