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(Belated) Saturday Spotlight: 2015 Cake Masters Magazine Cookie Award Winner!


As I promised last night, I'm back with a belated, but much anticipated Saturday Spotlight: the grand reveal of the 2015 Cake Masters Magazine Cookie Award winner! (Some of you may have already caught the official Cake Masters reveal on Periscope last night around 3 am Birmingham, England time. As much as I tried to prop my eyelids open 'til that time, I just couldn't . . . so my apologies for the after-the-fact reporting. Hopefully, it's still on time for many of you!) 

First, for those not following the minute-by-minute details of this competition, here's a quick recap . . . Cake Masters hosts an annual awards contest, dubbed the Oscars of the Cake World, in which sugar artists in several categories are recognized - cookies being just one of them. A few weeks ago, finalists in each of these categories were announced, along with the judging panel. I bet you'll recognize many, if not all, of these finalists in my personal favorite category - cookies!


(For more about all of the deserving finalists, judges, and the judging process, check out this previous Cookie Connection post.)

As noted at the outset of this post, just late last night, the winners were announced in true red-carpet style at The NEC in Birmingham. I'm still eagerly awaiting the official written report of the winners to appear on the Cake Masters website, but, in the meantime, you can see the Periscope recap, delivered by a radiant Rosie, Editor of Cake Masters Magazine, shortly after the ceremony's star-studded after-party. Just click here!

But if you'd rather cut to the chase, please read on!

In her recap, Rosie reveals that the 2015 Cookie Award winner is none other than . . .

. . . our beloved Honeycat Cookies, aka Lucy Samuels! Way to go, Lucy! I am thrilled for you! Below is a pic of Lucy giving her video acceptance speech at the awards ceremony.

Lucy'S Acceptance Speech

And here's her actual acceptance speech.

(To view the speeches of the other winners, jump on over to the Cake Masters YouTube channel.)

I'm sure most of you know Lucy's work well, but if not, here are a few reminders of her incredible work that earned her this title (with a couple of my personal faves of hers thrown in).


Midsummer Nights Dream Stage Set

Danish Harbor Boat Cookies

You can also view Lucy's entire Cookie Connection portfolio here; follow her cookie happenings on Facebook; or hone your own cookie skills through her tutorial series here on Cookie Connection!

As Lucy noted in her acceptance speech, she is now in Venice enjoying a wedding anniversary celebration (and now this!) with her husband, but do take a few moments to give her a huge round of applause!  I'm sure she'll appreciate the congrats when she finally reconnects to email later next week. Kudos as well to all of the finalists - each is clearly a winner in her own right!

Last, but not least, more about the lovely Lucy here: 

Lucy Samuels is the owner of UK-based Honeycat Cookies. Originally with an art-based career in mind, Lucy attended art college for a year after school but switched to nursing where she spent twenty years specializing in cardiology. After becoming a stay-at-home mom to her daughter Jess, Lucy experimented with a range of crafts, alighting upon decorative cookies almost by accident. In late 2011, she was persuaded to start her business Honeycat Cookies following several requests to place orders. She set about learning the craft from books, the internet, and trial and error. Lucy has a YouTube channel as well as a blog, Honeycat Cookies, that document some of her wider adventures in confectionery. 

Cookie photo credits: Lucy Samuels
Other Cake Masters photo credits: Courtesy of Cake Masters Magazine




Images (5)
  • 2015 Cake Masters Magazine Cookie Award Finalists: Graphic Courtesy of Cake Masters Magazine
  • Lucy Giving Video Acceptance Speech: Photo Courtesy of Cake Masters Magazine
  • Garden Jigsaw Puzzle: Cookies and Photo by Lucy Samuels
  • Midsummer Night's Dream Stage Set: Cookies and Photo by Lucy Samuels
  • Danish Harbor Boat Cookies: Cookies and Photo by Lucy Samuels

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I am so totally thrilled for you Lucy! Congratulations indeed! Congratulations also to Sandie, Kim and Marta for being so honoured in the lineup. You are all Masters and I salute you all. XOXO

lucyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh    tap dancing   for you      

i have to go back to reading    i held my breath and then your name popped into view       i got teary eyed for you   and then had a good cry      i am over joyed    you are fantasticccccccccccccccc    bravooooooooooooo   


Originally Posted by donaharrisburg:

lucyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh    tap dancing   for you      

i have to go back to reading    i held my breath and then your name popped into view       i got teary eyed for you   and then had a good cry      i am over joyed    you are fantasticccccccccccccccc    bravooooooooooooo   


happy anniversaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy    venice is so beautiful     don't get lost in the maze   lol   big smiles for you    

I can't tell you how delighted I am for you Lucy! Many congratulations, and I hope you had a wonderful Anniversary. 


Huge congratulations to all the finalists, what a line up! 


So thrilled for you Lucy and that I got to see your acceptance speech! Your work is phenomenal. I've never seen the boat set, what a treat. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next. Huge congratulations 

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