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Christmas Countdown: The Final Voting Begins!

With our 25 fabulous finalists now unveiled, it's time for you, Cookie Connection members, to cast your votes for your favorites! The three cookies that have amassed the most votes by January 4, 2014 (5 pm central) will take away the three prizes. (For a reminder of those prizes, click here.) Thanks again to our generous sponsors Designer Stencils, Fancy Flours, and Karen's Cookies whose support made this contest possible.


Voting is simple: Just review all of the finalists' entries below (click on the highlighted name if you'd like to see a larger view of any entry); then vote for your favorite by clicking through on the link at the very end of this post. While it might be tempting to vote for your best friend, people have worked hard on these entries and the stakes are high. Please carefully consider more objective factors - like (1) overall design appeal, (2) difficulty of techniques used, and (3) mastery of techniques used - before casting your one vote.


Lastly, share this post! I'd like for as many cookie lovers as possible to see the wealth of talent on display here! Many thanks!


The 25 Christmas Countdown Finalists


ChristmasCountdownCalendar with Week 4

Click here to see all the finalists in one clip set, or scroll on down to see each in larger format.


Day 1: Button Christmas Tree by Sugar Pearls Cakes and Bakes

Button Christmas Tree - Day 1- Sugar Pearls Cakes and Bakes


Day 2: Vintage Christmas Set by Art Et DÉlices By Meriem

Vintage Christmas Set - Day 2 - Art Et Delices By Meriem


Day 3: Santa with Toys by Cookiely

Santa with Toys - Day 3 - Cookiely-Cropped


Day 4: Three Friendly Helpers by Delightful Bitefuls

Advent Entry - Day 4 Delightful Bitefuls


Day 5: Santa and Rudolph by Classic Cookies by Parr

Santa and Rudolph


Day 6: Christmas Cookie Dough Cut-Outs by Classic Cookies by Parr 

Christmas Cookie Dough Cutouts - Day 6 - Classic Cookies by Parr


Day 7: Shimmering Angel Wings by Ali's Sweet Tooth

Shimmering Angel Wings - Day 7 - Ali's Sweet Tooth


Day 8: A Snowy Village by Kimberlie

A Snowy Village - Kimberlie - Day 8


Day 9: 3-D Christmas Tree by Tina at Sugar Wishes

3-D Christmas Tree - Tina at Sugar Wishes - Day 9


Day 10: Polar Bear by Gwen's Kitchen Creations

Polar Bear - Day 10 - Gwen's Kitchen Creations


Day 11: A Tweet Holiday by Sugar Pearls Cakes and Bakes

A Tweet Holiday - Sugar Pearls Cakes and Bakes - Day 11


Day 12: Bird On A Branch by Gwen's Kitchen Creations 

Bird on Branch - Day 12 - Gwen's Kitchen Creations


Day 13: Elegant Christmas by Katia at GK Cookies

Elegant Christmas - Katia at GK Cookies - Day 13


Day 14: Gingerbread House by Classic Cookies by Parr

Gingerbread House - Classic Cookies - Day 14


Day 15: Folk Art Christmas by Love at First Bite

Folk Art Christmas - Love at First Bite - 15 final


Day 16: Woodland Christmas by Sweet Smiles

Woodland Christmas - Sweet Smiles - 16


Day 17: Stacked Snowman by Kimberlie 

Stacked Snowman - Kimberlie - 17


Day 18: Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! by Classic Cookies by Parr 

thank you x 3 - Classic Cookies by Parr - 18


Day 19: A Wintry Snowman by Kimberlie 

A Wintery Snowman - Kimberlie - 19


Day 20: Upside Down Turkey Santa and Lollipop by Tina at Sugar Wishes

Upside Down Turkey Santa and Lollipop - Tina at Sugar Wishes - 20


Day 21: Kissing Elves by Sarah at Klickitat Street

Kissing Elves - Sarah at Klickitat Street - 21


Day 22: Christmas Carolers by Classic Cookies by Parr

Christmas Carolers - Day 22- Classic Cookies by Parr


Day 23: Reindeer Relaxing by Gwen's Kitchen Creations

Reindeer Relaxing - Day 23 - Gwen's Kitchen Creations


Day 24: Silent Night by jennabea

Silent Night - Day 24 - jennabea


Day 25: The Love of Grandparents by The Cookie Lab

TheLoveofGrandparents - Day 25 - The Cookie Lab2


Congrats again to all of the finalists!



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