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CookieCon 2018: Getting Ready!


[EDITOR'S NOTE: Woo hoo! Our advance CookieCon coverage is now getting underway with this first planning post from CookieCon Press Team Member Kate Sullivan, aka @Econlady! To learn more about our Press Team and its upcoming CookieCon event coverage, click here.]

My cookies for the Sugar Show are made and now I’ve started to pull everything together for CookieCon. In the photo above, you can see my cookie containers, my carry-on that I bought at the first CookieCon, and my backpack. My backpack has my McGoo U letter with the patches I’ve earned.

Below is the apron from my first CookieCon. Julia was giving it away to the first few people who bought her book. Julia was the first to sign my apron. I saw a friend getting hers signed by the teachers, and I liked the idea, so I did it too. I decided to get it signed at all of the CookieCons. My apron has become a major treasure and is definitely coming with me to CookieCon!



This year, I’m also bringing a raffle prize from my club, the National Cookie Cutter Collectors Club. We’ve been around for decades, but cookie decorators are just starting to find us. As a decorator, I believe the world of cookie cutters inspires me. In the basket are three large handmade copper cutters, our club's custom cutter that we issue annually, and our past newsletters.


I’m looking forward to sharing my Sugar Show cookies. I am also running ideas through my head about what to show you at CookieCon. I want you to see why I call it a giant party! [EDITOR'S NOTE: If you have any CookieCon topics or events that you want Kate to cover while at CookieCon, please don't hesitate to leave those requests in the comments below or under her previous post on this subject. Thank you!

Econlady's CookieCon 2015 Calling CardKate Sullivan, aka Econlady, is a retired economist who started cookie decorating over a decade ago when her seven-year-old daughter wanted to take a cookie decorating class. While her daughter lost interest, Kate continued to explore cookie decorating, always looking for new ideas and techniques. Kate’s cookies have been featured on a trading card at CookieCon 2015 (pictured left) and also in Cookie Connection’s Practice Bake Perfect Challenge #14. In 2016, Kate took over as Newsletter Editor of the National Cookie Cutter Collectors Club, where her decorated cookies were showcased on the cover of each newsletter. More recently, she was named the club's Treasurer. Kate is a long-time veteran of CookieCon, having attended since the very beginning, so she is sure to bring us the up-to-the-minute CookieCon inside scoop. 

Photo credits: Kate Sullivan

Note: This article expresses the views of the author, and not necessarily those of this site, its owners, its administrators, or its employees. To read more CookieCon 2018 updates from our special Cookie Connection Correspondents Team, click here, and for CookieCon event photos, click here.


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  • Apron: Photo by Kate Sullivan
  • Raffle Prize: Photo by Kate Sullivan

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Teri Pringle Wood posted:

How fun... have a wonderful trip❣wish I could join you 💖

While I would like to meet you, I’d hate to go against you in the Sugar show. 

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