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Cookier-A-Go-Go: The Tale of an Itinerant Teacher (Day 6)

Day 6 (February 8), 8:00 am.


My iPhone alarm sounds off a full two hours later than usual, and I'm showing none of my typical hit-the-pause-button-and-roll-over predispositions. We were so organized at the conclusion of yesterday's class (thanks again to Claudia and her team) that I also got to bed a few hours ahead of my normal schedule. Refreshed at last, I feel like a new woman, ready to pick up my pastry cone and seize the day!


Day 6 (February 8), 9:00 am.


I head down to the classroom an hour before class is due to start, but apart from laying out the cookies for my first mini-demo of the day, there's not much more for me to do. I grab a cup of Joe, and take a moment to chillax, knowing full well that today is going to be intense. With 15 or more cookies and the assembly of three fairly ambitious 3-D projects (per student) yet to do, there's little chance we won't be down to the wire with our finishing touches.


Day 6 (February 8), 10:00 am to 5:30 pm.


My predictions prove true! It's a whirlwind of a day, but I am incredibly impressed with the speed, focus, and finesse with which everyone works. Since some students are taking planes home, not everyone assembles their boxes. But many do, and those that don't promise to post pictures soon. (Either that, or I'll revoke their graduation certificates! ) Here's a small sampling of the day's bounty.



The state of the classroom, about midday.



One student's box parts, all finished.


AnothersBox Parts

Another student's box parts, looking good!



Many boxes coming together at this station.



My big box all together.


Another Box Coming Togther

Another student's big box in process. Love the white on dark gingerbread!



A three-tier wedding cake box getting stacked.


photo 3

Students gathering their finished projects for a final group shot.


Day 6 (February 8), 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.


Since I have another one-day class tomorrow, the Cookie Gal Dream Team and I stay on a bit longer to clean up, prep icings, and topcoat some cookies needed for tomorrow's class. It is also about 3-D cookies, but it only addresses sandwiched constructions, which are faster and easier to assemble (due to fewer parts) than the boxes done over the last two days. Still, with three projects, it's an aggressive agenda. 


I retreat to my room, exhausted, nearly 12 hours after the day's alarm first sounded. But before I can retire, I need to review and refine the flow of tasks and demos slated for tomorrow . . .


Images (8)
  • The State of the Classroom, About Midday: Cruddy Photo, Thanks to Julia's iPhone
  • One Student's Box Parts, All Finished: Cruddy Photo, Thanks to Julia's iPhone
  • Another Student's Box Parts, All Finished: Cruddy Photo, Thanks to Julia's iPhone
  • Boxes Coming Together at One Workstation: Cruddy Photo, Thanks to Julia's iPhone
  • My Big Box: Cruddy Photo, Thanks to Julia's iPhone
  • Another Big Box Coming Togther: Cruddy Photo, Thanks to Julia's iPhone
  • Three-Tier Wedding Box Getting Assembled: Cruddy Photo, Thanks to Julia's iPhone
  • Students Gathering Finished Projects for a Final Group Shot: Cruddy Photo, Thanks to Julia's iPhone

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