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Cookiers Helping Cookiers in the Time of COVID-19, Part 4: A Live Zoom Chat on October 3


We're getting together again! Please join me and Julia on Saturday, October 3, 10 am central time (CT), our usual chat time, for the FOURTH chat in Cookie Connection’s "Cookiers Helping Cookiers in the Time of COVID-19” series. We will again be using Zoom for our live meeting. We love to actually SEE and TALK to you all!

In April, May, and August, we checked in to see how things were going - how you were doing emotionally, what challenges you were facing, and how you’ve adapted to the situation. We were so INSPIRED and AMAZED by the ways you all have pivoted. (Part 1 in this series, in April, was text-based here on Cookie Connection. You can read the transcript here. Both Parts 2 and 3 were on Zoom; you can watch recordings of those meetings here and here, respectively.)

Now, for Part 4! Our Cookie Connection family is still here to offer support, encouragement, and concrete ideas to help you right now.

We are going to talk about a specific topic this time . . . work/life balance. Is there anyone who doesn't struggle with it? This struggle is most likely magnified during this time of COVID and for a variety of reasons. Many are working from home. That work may look different. Spouses may also be home working . . . and kids . . . they're home too. They need extra attention and even more so now with the start of virtual school for so many. How do you keep it all together? Do you have tips on keeping yourself, your spouse, the kids, the house, your business running? Are there things we can do to relieve the pressure we put on ourselves?

Meet us on Zoom to give us your best advice.

Meet us on Zoom to listen to the advice of others.

What to expect in the call . . .

  1. I’ll first ask everyone to introduce themselves. What's your name, where do you live, how do you participate in cookies (i.e., as a hobbyist or professional; by selling cookies, teaching, and/or designing or selling cookie products?), and how long have you been involved that way in cookies?
  2. I’ll ask you to share a specific piece of advice that might help us balance an area of our lives.
  3. Toward the end, I’ll open up the discussion to other questions and comments. Do you have a question for me, Julia, or the group? If so, please come prepared to ask!

Can't make the meeting, but you'd like to share something that you've been doing? Just send me a private message with your tip. I'll share your idea with the group during the chat. Click here to go to my profile page where you can message me.

Let’s talk about meeting logistics! To keep things orderly in the meeting (which can be tough in the Zoom format with lots of people), I’ve got a few ground rules:

  1. Prepare for the meeting by getting acquainted with how Zoom works (and the features we'll be using) by reading this post. It's truly easy!
  2. To enter the meeting, just click on this link (; Meeting ID: 832 7452 2625) at the appointed time (again, October 3, 10 am CT) and wait to be admitted to the room by our moderator, Julia. Room capacity is 100, so we’ve got plenty of space. We expect the chat to run for about one hour. Please arrive on time.
  3. Unsure of when 10 am CT is for you? Click on this time zone converter to find out.
  4. All microphones will start on mute, so we don’t begin by talking over one another and to avoid distracting background noise!
  5. The meeting will be recorded so we can post the recording on Cookie Connection when the chat is over. If you don’t want to be seen, then do not opt to turn on your device’s video before entering the room.
  6. I’ll start with some welcome remarks and by asking you to introduce yourselves, as described above. Julia will assist by calling on you round-robin style and asking you to open up your mics one at a time.
  7. Then we’ll proceed in the same round-robin style through everyone who would like to share, with you raising your hands (using the Zoom hand-raising feature) and Julia calling on you (unmuting you) in the order hands were raised. Please try to limit responses so everyone has equal air time.
  8. Once everyone has had an opportunity to comment, I’ll open up all of the mics for a more free-form discussion, to make sure any additional questions or observations get heard.
  9. If mayhem breaks loose anywhere between points 1 and 8, we’ll just adapt, and that will be part of the fun!

We can't wait to see you on October 3, 10 am CT on Zoom! Again, just click this link (; Meeting ID: 832 7452 2625) to enter the Zoom meeting room at that time. And, please review this link BEFORE the meeting to get acquainted with Zoom mechanics and features.

Hope to see you soon!

Dotty Raleigh
Sugar Dot Cookies

Dotty Raleigh is the owner of Sugar Dot Cookies, which began in 2013 with custom cookie orders, and has since grown to include decorating classes and cookie parties. In 2018, Dotty began teaching a series of online classes called Cookies as Business and providing business e-books, which cover everything from finding the optimum shop location and workflow management to pricing and packaging cookies. Dotty loves sharing her years of experience and encouraging those just getting started in their own cookie businesses. Please visit Dotty's Cookie Connection member profile and Facebook and Instagram pages.

Photo credit: Dotty Raleigh


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