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Craftsy Class (aka Couldn't Make It To CookieCon) Giveaway

Couldn't make it to CookieCon this year? I know, I know, I too would have been sorely disappointed if in the same boat . . .


But chin up! There's no reason to cry over dropped cookies (cookier-speak for "spilled milk")! I've got something designed to cheer up everyone - stay-at-homers and CookieCon-goers alike!


With the firm belief that continuing education - whether at CookieCon or online - is always a good thing, I'm serving up the chance to win a free Craftsy class (up to $59.99 value) in this giveaway.




Enter to win a Craftsy class!


Here's How It Works:


1. Click on the pink link above (or at the end of this post) to enter. The link will take you offsite to a Craftsy registration page if you are not already a registered Craftsy user. (Just fill out whatever form you see to register and   enter.) If you are a registered Craftsy user, you will automatically be entered into the giveaway once you click through on the link and receive confirmation.


2. While you're here, say "hi" in the comments area below to let me know you've entered. (This step is optional, but it will help me gauge how many people have responded to this post.)

3. On April 15 (5 pm central), the contest will close. Soon after that time, Craftsy will randomly select a winner and contact that winner directly with a free class code. (I will also be notified of the winner, so that everyone is on the same page.)

4. The winner will be able to select any class up to $59.99 in value just by entering the class code upon class selection. 


On the latter note, I would highly recommend Autumn Carpenter's recently released class, Designer Cookies (title page, below), for beginner to intermediate cookie decorators. I've also found some of the cake decorating classes to be a great source of cookie inspiration.




Enough said! Have fun and best of luck! Here's that pink link again:


Enter to win a Craftsy class!



************ GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED! WINNER ANNOUNCED! ***************


We had 335 entries in the giveaway, and entry #20 (on the Craftsy site, not here) is the winner! CONGRATS, Laurel Cohen! Craftsy will contact you directly via email about how to redeem your prize.





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  • Craftsy Class Giveaway: Logos Courtesy of Craftsy and Cookie Connection
  • Designer Cookies Title Page: Image Courtesy of Craftsy

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Awesome Giveaway! I am already signed up for several classes, but there's always so many classes tempting you to take more. I've had my eye on a few, one being the cookie class you mentioned. Keeping my fingers crossed! Thank you for a lovely giveaway!

I've been on Craftsy for a while and LOVE their classes. SO much to learn!! Thank you so much for creating this opportunity and for all your hard work to make Cookie Connection such a HUGE success!!!

My "comments" happen when I try to click on a posting in my e-mail and
open it. They are empty and I realize that -- they just happen
automatically! I'm sorry for the nuisance. I'll try to figure out what
I'm doing wrong.
Please disregard my "comments".

Originally Posted by MaryT:
My "comments" happen when I try to click on a posting in my e-mail and
open it. They are empty and I realize that -- they just happen
automatically! I'm sorry for the nuisance. I'll try to figure out what
I'm doing wrong.
Please disregard my "comments".


Hi, Mary, The issue is with your email setup; every time you read an email (including email notifications from this site), your system sends an email confirmation to the sender. So what we're seeing posted everywhere are those confirmations. My system (we thought) was set up to filter out such email confirmations, but my tech guys believe they must have missed your particular type of confirmation. They are working now to try to filter them out automatically so they do not post everywhere. Until then, your comments are under moderation, meaning that they all come to me to filter. I'll only be posting ones that are actual comments, like above, until my tech guys get this solved. Just keep on participating on the site in the meantime, but don't be alarmed if your comments don't post immediately, as I only check the moderation queue about once a day. Thanks.


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Originally Posted by Daniela Frezza Isenschmid:

Hi Julia. i just entered. i have enrolled in lots of craftsy classes. I was just wondering if you will give yourself a class there, would be fantastic.Thank you for the give away

Hi, thanks, Daniela. Yes, I'm scheduled to shoot a class with them later this year, probably in the summer though I have to do all the planning and projects for it first.

oH  I love craftsy. 


Thank you, I hope I win ^_^.... 


I love looking at other people's cookies, it's just out of this world haha. 

I don't enjoy eating cookies thou... too sweet. 


Julia, I love your videos, it's straight foward and detail. 

Looking forward to watch any new trends..