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Free Decorating Classes at Craftsy!

Looking for a convenient way to hone your decorating skills? Then I suggest you check out Craftsy. They have yet to offer a cookie decorating course (despite the fact that I've been working on them ever since declining a class with them a few years ago . . . stupid me).  Even so, many of their cake decorating classes can be wildly helpful as far as fine-tuning cookie decorating skills. 


The other cool thing is that they're offering free classes for a limited time as a way of introduction to their program. Jump right in and check out their classes by clicking on the link below, or read more (further below) about who they are and what they offer.


  Free Craftsy Classes



What is Craftsy?
Craftsy is a worldwide craft community offering online classes. With over two million members and counting, Craftsy has something for just about everyone, in categories ranging from quilting, sewing, knitting, painting, photography, cooking, and more.

Why should you take a class online?
Online education isn’t just for schools and universities anymore. Craftsy courses provide you the convenience of a world-class instructor in your home, whenever you want to learn. Online learning is a fantastic alternative to in-store craft classes for people with busy schedules or who have difficulty leaving the house. It also allows you to watch a troubling section over-and-over again, so you can see exactly how a technique is carried out, or refer back to your class for relevant concepts before beginning any new projects.


Not convinced; then why not try a free course? 


Free Craftsy Classes



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I am just seeing this post by you. I have often wondered how they could have overlooked your talents. I love  Craftsy and have often thought of you while browsing through the list of courses. They do have one cookie course now which you are most likely aware of by now.  Although it is a good class I really believe that one you put together would be for further advancement of skills. This is something they do all the time and I believe they would welcome. You deserve a gig such as this. I believe that you actually have Many classes in you and I think it would be a great addition to Craftsy.  Oh...  I HOPE YOU GO FOR IT... That is,  if it would actually be a good thing for you.. 
Blessings, Patty  ��
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