Get Your Game On - Here's Another Christmas Contest!

'Tis the season for cookie contests! In addition to the Cookie Connection Christmas Countdown Challenge which opens on November 25, Melania GasiÓn and her editorial team at the lovely Sweet Magazine have just announced another showdown!




They've invited you to submit your best Christmas cookie designs between November 11 (today) and December 15 through the entry link in the center of this post on their site. (Note: The site is in Spanish, but just click the "Translate" button at the top if needed. Also, you must like their Facebook page first in order to enter, but the link will prompt you to do so.)


Sweet Magazine will determine 10 finalists from among the entries, and "el jurado," an international team of eight judges (including myself and several other Cookie Connection members), will determine the first, second, and third place winners. Prizes include subscriptions to the magazine, an advanced online cookie workshop from Mensaje en una Galleta, treats from De Koekenbakkers, my new app (from me), and other surprises. Check it out!




P.S. You can see all of the entries as they're entered, live here on the Sweet Magazine Facebook page.


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Perhaps the translate feature is part of Google Chrome (my browser); it automatically pops up for me at the upper left of my screen whenever I am viewing a site in another language. If you don't see the same toggle feature on your browser, you might try browsing in Chrome and see if that helps. Otherwise, you can cut and paste blocks of the text to Google Translate (or another translator) and read it that way. But basically the instructions are what I described above; just submit photos through the big blue button in the center of their page that says "CLICK AQUI Y PARTICIPA!". Entries will show up real-time in the link at the bottom of the post, which is a Sweet Magazine Facebook app page. Any other questions are best directed to the magazine under the Contact area on their site.