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Heads Up! Competition Entries Due October 15!


The judges and I are getting SO excited to see all of your cookie creations! But don’t forget: both 2-D and 3-D entries to Julia M. Usher’s Cookie Art Competition™ are due in about one week, on October 15 at 5 pm CDT, to be exact.

Again, you must register on Eventbrite first (and pay a nominal $15 USD fee; second link below) before you will be sent links to Cookie Connection where you will upload your entries. Please be sure to allot enough time to register; prepare your entry photos, video, and other materials per the competition rules (first link below); and to upload to Cookie Connection. Any entries received after this cutoff time will not be judged, so start early to be assured a crack at the $14,000 in prizes!

Also, important: Cookie Connection will send an auto-notification (screen pop-up) once your entry is successfully submitted. The system will not allow incomplete entries, and will return an error if you've left a required field empty. So you can rest assured that, if you get the pop-up notification, your entry has been received. Please do not expect further confirmation from me, so look for that pop-up!

Best of luck to all competitors!



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  • Competition Deadline Reminder: Graphic Design by Elizabeth Cox

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Lovely, what a great and ambitious first cookie. Thanks for sharing! I would recommend posting photos in our Clips section though, not in a comment under a different post. That section is where photos go and it also feeds into our home page where your cookie is more likely to be seen by many more people. Please read our site posting guidelines before you post though; the link is under “please read before posting” at the top and top right of the main “Clips” page. Happy posting and welcome to the site!

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