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It's Giveaway Time on Cookie Connection!

Yes, it's your lucky day. I've finally got the site's first official giveaway ready for any and all interested takers!


I'm calling this one The Great Spring Summer Cleaning Giveaway, because I had every intention of doing it in the spring, but cookie decorating derailed me at that time - and thus further cluttered my work space . . .


All of my mounting cookie stuff, including things I bought because I couldn't find what I already had, reached a crisis point last week when I desperately needed to de-clutter in order to prep for my upcoming OSSAS demo. (Seriously, I had no counter space left to roll out cookie dough!)


I'm a wee bit embarrassed about how much excess I'd amassed (pretty darn wasteful), but I somehow feel less remorseful knowing that it's going to end up in a better, more organized home! Pictured below is just a small subset of what's up for grabs. These items have never been opened or used; they're just duplicates or triplicates of things for which I have no immediate use . . .




As I said, that's not it. I'm also giving away the following (more photo closeups in the attachments):

  •  An assortment of gorgeous candied mini-roses from Crystallized Flower Company;
  • 15 lb container of Henry & Henry Kwik Fluff meringue powder;
  • 1 lb bag of CK Products meringue powder;
  • 20 ounce bag of Ateco meringue powder (Wondering about the meringue powder surplus?! Side-by-side tests of different brands for an upcoming blog post!);
  • Several envelopes of floral and other patterned wafer paper cutouts from Queen of Tarts (similar to this set);
  • Several 1 pound bags of CK Products fine-grained sanding sugar (lavender, pink, yellow, and probably a couple of other colors!);
  • 3 or 4 small containers of The Baker's Kitchen coarse-grained sanding sugar and pastel confetti;
  • Scads of mini pink royal icing roses from Fancy Flours; and
  • La piÈce de rÉsistance - this fabulous, specially handcrafted (I tease!) tiny cookie cutter key chain!



I haven't bothered to ring up an exact value on the giveaway, but my best guess is well over $500! (The crystallized flowers alone - there's quite a bunch - retailed for about $100.)


And so how do you enter to win? That's easy - just tell me what you most want to learn about cookie decorating in the comments area below, and I'll use a random number generator to pick the winner when I return from vacation on August 13 (5 pm central time). Only one comment per person, and please remember, childhood protection and privacy laws prevent us from publishing personal photos, so please avoid them in your comments and posts. They will be deleted. Note: You must be a Cookie Connection member in order to post and play! Simply join on the home page; it's free! (Signup box is in the upper left.)


Have fun, and please help spread the word by clicking any of the share buttons at the end of this post. Thanks!


Images (5)
  • Some of the Loot: But Wait - There's A Lot More!
  • Closeup of Royal Icing Decorations: From Fancy Flours
  • Closeup of My Personal Stuff: My Video Series and An Unused Notepad
  • Closeup of Cool Plunger Cutters: From PME
  • La Pièce de Résistance: A Quirky Cutter Key Chain!

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Julia - What an AMAZING Giveaway - Thank you so much for the opportunity.  Wow!  There is still so many things I have yet to try that I want to learn!  I want to learn how to perfect shading/highlighting with an airbrush as well as with my piping, I want to learn how to do scroll work "freehand", I would also love to learn the 3D / "puffy" accents that I see some do.



I would love to learn how to better use a 1 or 1.5 tip.  Either my icing consistency is wrong, or I'm not applying appropriate pressure, because I always end up with broken or squiggly lines!  Fantastic giveaway  :-)