Julia's June Prettier Plaques Stencil Release, Including the Stencil of the Month!


It's all summer this month, with seasonal Prettier PlaquesTM stencil designs for boys, girls, and even the older set! For boys, I've got "Antique Voyage", a fun treasure map set, which is also our Stencil of the Month*. For girls, I've got "Underwater Fantasy" with a mermaid's tail and the message "DREAM" in all caps. (After all, every little girl should dream big, right?!). And for the older set, I've got "Seashore Dreams", with the inscription "Mr & Mrs", making it ideal for summer weddings, anniversaries, and bridal showers.

New June Stencils Large

These five-piece stencil sets and all of the others in my Prettier PlaquesTM line can be purchased on my partner Stencil Ease's site here. My Stencil of the Month Club* can also be joined here. (If you're not familiar with my Stencil of the Month Club, please see the footnote* at the bottom of this post for more info. In a nutshell: it offers great savings on my sets! )

In every monthly release, I also like to include a reminder of a previous set, in case you missed its earlier announcement. This month, I'm reminding you of "Vintage Bon Voyage", mostly because it's been top of mind over the last few weeks as I prepped for my Cookie Rehab class. For that event, I dressed it up with royal icing shards, roses, and various wafer paper elements to create these mixed media cookies:


Note that my stencil set includes all of the imagery you see on the backgrounds of these cookies; the various Eiffel Towers were made with rubber stamps. Here's a closer look:


Now, onto the Stencil of the Month - what you've all been waiting for! Here it is on various cookie shapes:


This set definitely looks great in one hue, but, seeing as I'm a more-is-more person, I just had to jazz it up with five colors! I used a mixture of leaf green and yellow for the inner parts of the islands; straight-up brown for the outer edges of those same islands (to mimic sand); a mixture of royal blue, brown, and white to make dusty blue for the boat, water, and shading around the message; red for the treasure trail; and black for the message, frame, and some shading around the cookie edges! I can also envision this same color combination - or just dark brown - on top of a pale parchment-colored icing.

For a step-by-step tutorial about how to stencil multiple colors with this set, check out this quickie video that I put together on my iPhone:

Alas, I didn't have enough time this month to make polished cookie sets with the other two June stencils, "Underwater Fantasy" and "Seashore Dreams". But here are a couple of  "test shots", again snapped quickly on my iPhone, to give you ideas for possible color combinations:


And, with that, I conclude my June stencil release! Again, all of my stencils can be found on my partner Stencil Ease's site at www.stencilease.com/juliausher.htm, and my Stencil of the Month Club* can be joined here. If you have any questions about pricing, shipping, or ordering, please direct those specifics to my partner at service@stencilease.com. Any design or technique questions can be directed to me at any time! 

Thanks again for your support! Stay tuned for next month's release - my new all-time favorite stencil set is going to be debuted then!


* As a reminder, my Stencil of the Month is part of my Stencil of the Month Club (naturally! ), which works like so . . . Once you subscribe, each month you'll automatically receive a surprise five-piece stencil set (the Stencil of the Month) valued at $18.99 for just $14.99 plus shipping and handling. Members also get an exclusive members-only 15% discount on all stencils and accessories on the Stencil Ease site. After you sign up, Stencil Ease will send you a personalized letter from me that explains when you can expect your stencils each month, how to redeem your 15% members-only discount, and a few other things. If you have any questions about these logistics, please check out the Stencil of the Month Club webpage, or send inquiries to service@stencilease.com. (Note: The Stencil of the Month is also available to non-Club members, but only at full retail price.)


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