Saturday Spotlight: Vintage Vacation Contest Finalists!

Who better to feature in this week's Saturday Spotlight than our Vintage Vacation contest finalists?! Though the finalists were announced in our forums last night, it seemed only fair to let these fabulous entries bask another whole week in the limelight!


After much number-crunching (each entry was allotted points ranging from 0 to a maximum of 33), hair-splitting, and deliberation, Nancy Lee Quist, Fancy Flours owner and contest sponsor, and I were finally able to whittle down the many exceptional entries into this top 3 shortlist.


I'm certain you'll be suitably wowed and impressed! Take a look!




And here they are in bigger form, in no particular order. 


Mike @ Semi Sweet for Vintage Beach Vacation Cookies



Rebecca of The Cookie Architect for Adirondack Vintage Vacation


Mallory of ButterWinks for Ode to Florida



Now it's your turn to splice hairs! Up until July 19 at 5pm CDT, you'll each have the opportunity to cast ONE vote for your favorite finalist to determine the grand prize winner. Remember, vote wisely - $100 in prizes and a feature in a Fancy Flours' catalog (and/or on their site) are at stake!


Nancy and I sincerely hope that the larger cookie community will vote in this contest so that all finalists get the humongous visibility they deserve. That being said, please share this post with your other cookie friends. But please also remind them that in order to vote, they must first join this site. (We don't want any frustrated wannabe voters out there!)


OK, ready? Click here to vote. (Just scroll down to the poll at the end of the post.)


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