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Saturday Spotlight: What You've All Been Waiting For . . . Best Cookie of 2013!

I promise to make this post a pithy one. Considering how patiently you've been waiting for these results, it's the least I can do! 




First and foremost, thanks again to the team at BRP Box Shop - namely Kip Simpson, Connie Davis, and Ann Hall - not only for sponsoring this landmark contest and making it possible in the first place, but also for going the extra mile, on no notice, to judge the final round. Thanks as well to the Cookie Connection regular contributor and cookie connoisseur Karen Anderson for taking time out of her hectic schedule to carefully weigh each finalist's entry and cast her vote. 


As mentioned last week, each member of the judging team independently scored each finalist across four dimensions (originality of design, difficulty of design/techniques used, mastery of design/techniques used, and overall appeal/aesthetic). Those scores were then compiled and averaged to come up with Best Cookie of 2013.


Without further ado, I bow in honor of this formidable cookier for her exemplary work. This cookie had it all - creativity, beauty, and a wide range of techniques, each masterfully executed. I can't wait to see how she changes the cookie game in 2014!


Entry #8: Nantucket Delicacy Set by Rebecca at The Cookie ArchitectNantucket Delicacy Set - Rebecca The Cookie Architect - 1


Congrats to Rebecca, but also to all the other finalists as well. It truly was an extremely tough decision to make.


P.S. Next week, we take a break from contests for a while and return to our "regularly scheduled" Saturday Spotlights. Time to get your Valentine's Day groove on - hint, hint!


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  • Best Cookie Banner - Winner Announcement: Graphic to left by Pretty Sweet Designs

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Cool! Thank you to Julia and all of the judges and to BRP Box Shop for sponsoring! I can't wait to be able to package up my cookies in style.  It is an honor, and I am just so glad that so many people have enjoyed these cookies- I'll do my best in 2014!

Thank you Art and Honey! It was an honor to be nominated along side your great set as well! Everyone nominated had done such great work - I love the depth of talent in the cookie community!

congratulations, the set is amazing! why did I think the Cookie Architect is a man? well done REBECCA! I've seen lots of your breathtaking works done lately, so in my opinion, your win is well deserved! xxx

The judges picked the perfect set as it shows off so many interesting techniques and all of them being so beautifully executed ( partial to the kitty in the window ) Congratulations Rebecca

Congratulations Rebecca!. You make some beautiful cookies, full of color and creativity. I really really like this particular set because it is very elegant and I love the color. All your work is beautiful. A kiss from Spain.

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