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Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #32

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Annelise (Le bois meslΓ©) posted:

Okay, so I always find your work impressive and very much on point - but I'm truly blown away by these cookies! These are certainly among my most favorite cookies ever, I just love them! The idea is great, the realisation is elegant and impeccable. Congratulations!

Dear @Annelise (Le bois meslΓ©),
I am very grateful for your sincere thoughts! It is a good feeling to me someone love my work and they take delight in them.
Thank you again! β€

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Wow, wow, wow! you have done some truly masterful piping here, @PUDING FARM! Tell me, are all of the details transfers, or did you pipe some bits directly on the cookies? I ask because some details (like the hanger for the bell) seem almost too delicate to transfer! Also, I am wondering how you got that amazing pitted, distressed texture to your piped royal icing. Did you brush with alcohol or water after they dried? Do tell! Continuing my gushing review... let me say that it was super creative to turn the rooster to its backside to create a different texture and almost color. I have to agree with what some other commenters here have already said- that despite this set being all black, you cannot miss a single detail. Fabulous entry!