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When I saw this new challenge the first thing that came to mind was bird feathers, so I had to find a bird with beautiful feathers. I sure found one! This was so much fun to make and knowing that peacock feathers are curved, I challenged myself to make it 3D. The eye-shaped markings on the feathers are royal icing transfers which were made by creating multi colored dots and then brushing the edges to obtain the feather texture. The train was also made as a large royal icing transfer (on a paper towel roll with parchment) created with a thin icing base covered with layers of feathers. The royal icing "eyes" were then individually placed on the train. The body is also a separate transfer made curved on a TP roll, and covered with brush embroidery to create the feather effect. Finally, all the pieces were added to a cookie which also has the legs. Following are a few pictures of the process.


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  • Peacock close-up
  • Peacock side view
  • Peacock feathers
  • Peacock train base
  • Peacock train
  • Peacock body
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Peacock Video

Oh how gorgeous!! The vivid colors are perfect @The Sophistibaker. Your work is always so beautiful. Thank you for the great process pics! I love how you created the royal icing transfers. Such a great idea and perfect for using the brush embroidery technique my dear cookie friend. Awesome ๐Ÿ˜Š. I hope you are safe and well โคโคโค

Oh thank you so much for your kind words, Carol! Still at home which is why I've had time to get creative with a challenge like this. I hope you're staying safe as well!