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Nine Tries
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #46 - Imprinted Icing

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These were so much fun. My goal was to have each cookie represent a different medium or technique. I used parchment, foil, wax paper, fondant mold stencil sheets, and shelf liner (the bubble kind you put under the cookies so they don't slide around). After I took the pictures below I used a sponge dobber to gently highlight the texture. Just dabbed it straight down. It gave them a gilded look which I love. The flat foil was my favorite though it took 2 days to dry before I could remove the foil. That one reminds me of the moon or a sand type texture. New ideas brewing already for that technique. Note: all the plastic mediums dried in a lighter color than the exposed icing, they took a full 24 hours longer to dry and had a rough not smooth texture. I wasn't expecting that. I expected it to be smooth like the back of transfers.



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What a terrific entry Kyra!  I love the colors and the highlights.  Most importantly though, I love all of the different techniques you tried and shared.  Wonderful work.  thank you so much for sharing.

I love how many textures you tried and the cleverness of compiling them all in one big array. The subtle variations in color really allow the textures to shine as well.

How beautiful Kyra @Kyra Manthe!! I love using the same cookie shape and creating so many different types of texture using the same color combination: purple and silver. I'm particularly drawn to this as purple is my favorite color . Thank you for all the great pictures showing how you achieved the various textures. Looks like  you had lots of fun with these indeed! Wonderful work ❤️❤️❤️ Hugs...

Wow! I love that you experimented with so many techniques and media. The flat foil one does have a very interesting look, and I really like how you have highlighted the air bubbles with silver.  Thank you for sharing information about the process. I never would have guessed that some of the items would have created a lighter tone of icing - very interesting, indeed.

@Virago posted:

this is a wonderful set! a great teaching tool, one stop shopping for imprinted texture how tos!

Thank you so much. It was alot of fun experimenting with all the different mediums.

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