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I had so much fun doing this flower wreath cookie.

I made a chocolate cookie dough. I first cut out a 10 inch circle and the inner circle was 6 inches. This was the first time I was going to bake a large cookie. Excellent tips from Sweet prodigy and Julia Usher on how to bake large cookies. (https://cookieconnection.julia...okie-is-baked-evenly)

I piped the cookie with dark brown royal icing using a star tip.

Flowers used:

Gum paste: Roses, Gerbera (the center edges I used semolina and dusted with green petal dust), orchid, tiger lily, stephanotis (leaves were made of gum paste)

Royal Icing: Yellow chrysanthemum and pink chrysanthemum (used tip 81) and pansy (tip 103)

I used the airbrush, petal dust and gel colors to color the flowers and leaves.

Wafer paper: Purple clematis (inspired by the video by Julia Usher). I used purple gel color mixed in vodka to paint the petals. I cut the petals free hand. I did use water on some petals and vodka on the others. I felt water curled the petals more than vodka did. I have to experiment more to find out the difference.

I have worked with gum paste and royal icing before. This was my first time making a flower with wafer paper. I have to tell you I really love the technique. Even after the petals are dry you still can manipulate them (unlike gum paste that will break). I enjoyed learning a new technique for edible flower making.

One of the challenges I had was, making flowers without wires. In the past I have used wires in gum paste flowers. So it was a challenge but I think I managed to do it. Scaling the size of the flower was another challenge. Often flower cutters are larger. I used the same cutter to cut petals of the tiger lily and the orchid.