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Iron Love
By icingsugarkeks

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Icingsugarkeks posted:

Thank you so very much  @Econlady ❤️ This is just black fondant, a little painted with dark gold. Here is the photo before painting:P1230480c

After you said it I could see it.  Thanks for sharing!

Heather Bruce Sosa posted:

Dear friend, this is amazing!!! Looks so real😱. Congratulations my dear @Icingsugarkeks! Won’t you include them in the Challenge?🥰


Icingsugarkeks posted:

Thank you so much for your lovely entry! ❤️ The hint for the challenge is very kind of you, but I do not find my cookie hand painted enough. Nevertheless, thank you very much 🥰😘 @Heather Bruce Sosa

😲Noooo!!! Your cookies are so beautiful and you achieved such an amazing texture and incredible metallic look. They must enter the Challenge, please!! Today is the last day🥰😘😘