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Mini Cake Cookies | Manu
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #39 NON-ENTRY

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A couple of years ago I made my first Cream Tart Cookie, when this 2018 trend was about to take off:


I had a lot of work to reply to comments and to explain that it was a cookie (10x10-cm/4x4-in) and not a tart and that the whipped cream was royal icing! These memories put the seeds for this entry where I tried to create a bakery scene.

Only the donut drip seminaked cake cookie is my (non)entry for this challenge, the other two cakes are there as props, as they are missing some of the challenge requirements.

This mini cake is the size of a real mini cake. Every tier hides some treats. It could be a center piece or a gender reveal mini cake, or whatever your fantasy suggests you. The base measures 7.5-cm/3 -in and it is about 15-cm/6-in tall, donuts included.

The ganache drip is the liquid food item, the three swirl are made of fondant as per challenge request (#2 and #3). I used royal icing to decorate the donuts, to pipe the colored whipped cream on top of the cake, and for the drip, and I spreaded royal icing with a spreader around the cake (request #4).

A video is on the way, meanwhile here’s some step by step pictures.

This 3-D cake cookie is made using 3 round cookies and 3 contoured cookies. Watch @Julia M. Usher ’s You Tube video (How to Contour Cookie Dough) to master this technique.
I spreaded royal icing (the consistency of shaving foam) on two of the three round cookies


SImply stack the cookies without glueing them, alternating a contoured cookie to a round cookie and making sure they are parallel. Fill in the hollow tiers with marshmallows or any treat you like. The contoured cookies are very thin and the tiers will be kept together only by a thin layer of royal icing so the cake will be easily disassembled to get the treats (or a message or a little present)


Use a spreader to frost the mini cake with royal icing. The round cookies in the middle are slightly smaller in diameter than the contoured cookies. This will create a depth (a 1-mm/1/16-in) that will be filled with royal icing once we will use the spreader to smooth the sides of the mini cake. At the same time we are going to scrape the royal icing from each tier and get the seminaked effect on the cake.


Use thick flooding consistency royal icing to create the drip


Glue some donut cookies and whipped cream on top.


Add some fondant swirl and our realistic mini cake cookie is ready



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Ryoko ~Cookie Ave. posted:

You put marshmallow in your cookie cake!  that's soooo fun and cute😍😍  

I ❤️that.  Your cake stand, how clever you are!!!  

Thank you @Ryoko ~Cookie Ave.! I would have rather put some chocolates inside, but it is so hot here right now that I opted for some pastel butterfly marshmallows. At least the frosting is royal icing and not butter cream or ganache, so the cake won’t melt 😀😀😀.  I love the home-made cake stand too!💙

Julia M. Usher posted:

I love your application of contoured cookies to the cake layers!! Still, my fave is your cream tart cookie - SO pretty!

Thank you Julia @Julia M. Usher! The first cream tart is my favorite as well, and just with two layers. But it has been fun pretending to be a caker for a day! 😊😊😊

Wow, wow, wow!!! I feel like a little girl looking at scrumptious treats and I want to poke my finger in and come away with tasty frosting! I love the cookie shapes you baked to trick me into thinking there’s a moist cake there! And your little donuts are just adorable! Well done!

Kim Damon posted:

Wow, wow, wow!!! I feel like a little girl looking at scrumptious treats and I want to poke my finger in and come away with tasty frosting! I love the cookie shapes you baked to trick me into thinking there’s a moist cake there! And your little donuts are just adorable! Well done!

Thank you, Kim @Kim Damon 💙 Unfortunately they are hard as cookies! They are really nice while the icing is not yet completely dry. It has been fun!

Icingsugarkeks posted:

Absolutely great dear Manu!!! ❤️😘  I like the "hiding place" in the cake   @Manu

Thank you, Gabi @Icingsugarkeks. I had in mind also another design, with more room to hide something,.. I am developing the idea🤗🤗🤗

I just love this cake (and the surprise treats inside)! And thank you for showing how it was assembled. I really do love cookie "cakes" that are 3-D, and this is definitely now at the top of my list of favorites. So well done. 

Oh what fun Manu!!! I love your festive, yummy mini cake cookies . Perfect for the challenge or Mother's Day or ANY day! As always, your explanation and process pictures are very helpful to better understand where you were going with this design. Such a great idea to include empty spaces for adding treats, a gift or message or maybe some mini cookies . This really looks like a crumb-coated cake! Awesome work my dear cookie friend ❤️❤️. Stay safe and well 😘