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Hi, everyone! I just wanted to alert you that @LilaLoa (aka Georganne Bell) has a new "Expert Q&A" feature on her blog, where she asks a panel of cookiers (yours truly included) a different question each month. This month, it was all about rolling cookie dough!

It's been fun to formulate my answers and to read the sometimes very different responses from the others. (Just when you think you've finally got things figured out . . . ) I think it's going to be a valuable resource to both beginning and advanced decorators, and so wanted to pass on the information so you can check it out. Here's the link to the entire blog category, which will allow you to see past posts as well.

It's worth pointing out that the first post in the series was about sources of inspiration and proper crediting of them. Since there have been a number of questions about that topic here, I do encourage you to read it - especially my remark in the comments area about the official stance and rules here on Cookie Connection. You can get more information about US copyright law and the Cookie Connection policy in our Terms of Use, our Site Posting Guidelines, and also in the email you get every time you post a photo to this site. An important elaboration on our guidelines was issued in 2016, which I also encourage you to read. The link to that post is in that email I just mentioned and also here

But I digress  . . . proper attribution is a very important topic for me - and for all in the cookie community to understand - and I regret I didn't have time last month to officially answer Georganne's question.

Nevertheless, I look forward to next month's question (I'm already thinking about my answer), and I hope you do too!


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Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:

I always enjoy looking at Georganne's site, LilaLoa! She's so great with colors along with many techniques that have been a big help to me. So glad to see that you're a participating expert @Julia M. Usher ! I know that your input will add great value .

Thanks! I think she's got another post coming soon!

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