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Contributor Farewells and Hellos!


It's always a bittersweet time here on Cookie Connection when contributors come and go. A departure usually signals that someone is moving onto bigger and better things (which is GREAT), but, because our contributors are among the best around, the rest of us really miss out when they leave. As it so happens, now is one of those bittersweet times . . . We've got lots of contributor changes in process, so I wanted to give you all a heads up, and also ask for your input on one or two things.*

First, our wonderfully talented ingredient investigator, aka the author of the popular Toolbox Talk@Liesbet Schietecatte is retiring from this post after nine incredibly informative articles and over two years of service. I am deeply indebted to her for the many hours of research and testing she's done, all to make our members smarter about the tools and ingredients used in cookie-making. Because Liesbet has covered so many topics so thoroughly, we both recently decided that the column had lived a good life and that it was time to move onto other topics.* So, with that, I bid Liesbet adieu (from this task! ), and ask you all to extend her a HUGE round of applause for her great work.  (If you haven't read her column, I strongly encourage you to do so. You will learn A LOT!)

Also, @Laegwen, our gifted Get Inspired tutorial writer, is on hiatus for an unknown period of time. When I know more about her return, you will be the first to hear!

*As for those "other topics" mentioned above, another tutorial writer will be joining us and a current contributor will be writing more often (more on both in a sec), but I am also hoping to add more business content to the site. By this, I mean articles about best cookie business practices or interviews with experts on key business topics, like startup planning, choosing a location, pricing, marketing, order fulfillment, and so on. Now, this is where your input comes in . . . if you have a preferred format for this information, if you know of any experts to interview or to bring on as contributors, or if you'd like to contribute to this topic yourself, I'd like to hear from you ASAP. Please email me at with your feedback on this topic, or on any others you think I should consider. Thanks in advance!

Now, onto some cheerier news about our tutorial contributors! I am absolutely overjoyed to announce that our beloved @Lucy (Honeycat Cookies) will be returning to her What's New, Honeycat? post, starting in May with bimonthly (every other month) tutorials. Woo hoo! If you're not familiar with Lucy's wondrous work, you should be! Please click on the previous pink link to see her past tutorials on this site. I'll also be giving Lucy a fuller re-introduction to you when she officially returns in May, so stay tuned for that!

Last but not least, Samantha of @Aproned Artist, the always-ingenious creator behind our Every Little Detail with Aproned Artist series, will be moving from bimonthly to monthly posts, as long as her schedule permits. I've gotten a sneak peek of her April post, and, I assure you, it's going to blow your mind with its attention to detail - Samantha's trademark!

And that's a wrap (as if four big changes weren't enough)! Again, thanks to Liesbet and Leoni (aka Laegwen) for their above-and-beyond contributions, and congratulations to Lucy and Samantha on their "new" posts! And, if you have feedback about new topics for the site, or names of contributors you're dying to see here, please don't hesitate to let me know.

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Great and sad news at the same time. But writing tutorials and informative articles is always hard word and takes a lot of time. Thanks a lot to all of you, who are always working behind the scenes and to provide great articles all the time!

So many changes going on!

@Liesbet, thank you for your amazing articles! I have always been waiting for them, and I keep them as a reference. Leoni @Laegwen, I hope to be reading your beautiful tutorials again very soon!

Congrats to Samantha @Aproned Artist. Can’ wait for your next tutorial!

Congrats to Lucy @Lucy (Honeycat Cookies)! What a great news! A warm welcome back, Lucy, you have been missed!


Thank you, Liesbet and Leoni, for all of your help with the Practice Bakes Perfect challenges. I will definitely miss your tutorials and contributor posts, which were always so informative, insightful, and helpful beyond measure. Best wishes for all of your future cookie endeavors!

Lucy and Samantha, I am very much looking forward to your future contributions! Great to have you back, Lucy.

Much thanks Liesbet for all your information over the past two years. 

I look forward to Lucy and Samantha's posts. Love both your work! 

I know how hard all of you work to help Julia to make this site what it is.

  Leoni hope to see you back soon.  

Thank you all!!!!

Happy Easter all.  

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