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Cookie Connection on Craftsy's 10 Best Cookie Decorating Blogs List!


Woo hoo! Cookie Connection was featured this week on Craftsy's list of top ten must-follow cookie decorating blogs! (Not familiar with Craftsy?! You should be! It's quite possibly the US's largest online provider of crafting, decorating, and cooking courses.)

Even though we're way more than a blog (ahem! ), this accolade is one I'm pretty darn proud of . . . Since I launched the site (about this time five years ago), countless volunteer hours have been poured into making Cookie Connection the largest, most resource-rich cookie community in the land, and this recognition is testament to the fact that we're well on the way to that goal, if not already there!

Of course, HUGE congrats go to all of this year's contributors (@Manu@Bakerloo Station@Aproned Artist@Liesbet, and @Laegwen) for getting Cookie Connection on this particular list; to all of our previous contributors for placing us on the larger cookie decorating map; and to all of our members who, through their daily posts and comments, make this site an incredibly fun and enriching place to be.

Cheers, everyone!

P.S. Here's the link to the top ten list, if you missed it above.


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Congratulations Julia!  And all the contributors!  This is so deserving. This is such an informative, relevant, generous and comprehensive site - the fact that it is free currently free is mind blowing. Brava. Brava.

GinkgoWerkstatt posted:

So very much deserved, because this site is awesome... especially when you consider how much is going on here for being free! ♥ ♥

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