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CookieCon 2017 Countdown! Please Share While There!


Yes, it's almost time for the cookie event of the year - Cookie Con! Sadly, I can't make it again this year due to preexisting classes and other commitments. However, I am 100-percent certain that those of us who don't have the time, resources, or good fortune to go to CookieCon will absolutely love to live vicariously, so, if you are going, please do not hesitate to share your experiences in any of the following areas:

(1) If you're a CookieCon sponsor, and would like to tell everyone what you're doing or offering at CookieCon, please feel free to post your announcement into our CookieCon 2017 forum. I just posted my own there, as an example.

(2) Or, if you're attending CookieCon as your cookier-self and just want to casually write or comment about the event, please feel free to post to the same CookieCon 2017 forum.

(3) Photos from CookieCon are welcome too, and can be posted into our existing "CookieCon Coverage" clip set. In fact, there's already been a great 2017 post to this set from @Ines Doherty that shows her contribution to the Cookie Town Collaboration, one of the many fun activities at CookieCon:


And, last but not least, I've been at work recruiting correspondents to cover CookieCon in my absence, and I now have a small, but GREAT team lined up that will be making regular posts about the event to our blog and the "CookieCon Coverage" clip set. Stay tuned - I'll be announcing who they are and what and how they'll be covering CookieCon in a couple of days!

Following CookieCon, I'll also be running Cookier Close-ups and chats with all of the CookieCon 2017 instructors with whom I haven't yet done these things! Our first chat will be with @Dany's Cakes (aka Dany Lind) and is scheduled for March 25. More info about that chat is also coming soon! 

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Im sure you can imagine how hard it is to take a back seat to such an event. 

So it would be fabulous for you guys to do some lives on FB and share photos but please do use the cookie con forum and share the joy! Thanks for setting it up Julia   

Thanks again in advance.  

I'm wishing all of you a fabulous time. 

Sending cookie love! 

Live videos or previously recorded videos can also be embedded in any Cookie Connection post, using the embed code for the video. Videos can also be directly uploaded into our Clips section. So I encourage the sharing of videos as well, if you have them - and also have permission from those in the video (or photo) to post here.

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