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CookieCon 2018: And That's A Wrap!


Our days at CookieCon have been full of hands-on activities and demonstrations by some pretty awesome cookiers. Needless to say, this newbie is exhausted!

Once again, this newbie was unsure of the quality of the material that would be presented during the classes on Friday. But, yep, I was blown away by how well the topics were presented. The information given in all seven classes was on point and well delivered. I mean, seriously, who truly has the mental capacity to sit back and break down the molecular structure of royal icing to get the correct consistency? Thank you, @Jodi Till!

Cookiers are so friendly. As we'd unintentionally find ourselves chatting in small groups, I'd comment how I really didn't know who the celebrities of the cookie world were. Business names are a little familiar, but not their given names or faces. (I'm thinking flash cards would have been good prep.) It was so nice to get a glimpse into the personalities of so many cookiers and suppliers, and to be able to place business names with faces, finally. (Sorry, Katy Metoyer, but Miles stole the show with his sweet nature and desire to assist with your slide show. This newbie will definitely be following you on Instagram!)

Sugar Dayne ClassKaty Metoyer, aka Sugar Dayne, Teaching Class sans Miles.

Saturday was filled with open decorating, demos, browsing the Sugar Show, and breakout sessions. Some very difficult decisions had to be made regarding which to attend. So many talented cookiers were assisting with these activities and lending their tips and tricks. What a great experience, thank you!

Airbrushing DemoAirbrushing Station in Open Decorating Room.

Sugar ShowImpressive Sugar Show Entry (Artist Unknown).

I did decide to participate in the cookie and button swapping. What a great way for those of us who are a little shy to meet others and strike up conversations. (My family is going to enjoy the box of cookies and candies from all over the globe.) It's confession time: I collected so many buttons that my neck began to hurt so I removed them from my lanyard. They are adorable and so creative. I'm definitely going to save them and will be looking up your businesses so I can follow them on social media. (Check out my button-heavy lanyard above!)

As you may have guessed by now, CookieCon 2018 was amazing! This newbie is so thankful to have been fortunate enough to attend, and hopes to see you all in 2019.

Now to figure out how to pack all of these new tools and supplies! Vendor shopping was definitely a highlight of this trip.

Vendor ShoppingShopping the Vendor Booths.

Safe travels home to all!

DeniseDenise Maracich, aka @DeniseM, has been practicing her cookie skills since March with a goal of “going public” after attending her first CookieCon, and just in time for the holidays. She first became obsessed with decorated sugar cookies after hiring a local young lady to recreate her personalization business logo on sugar cookies. The cookies' flavor was to-die-for and addicting, and that led to Denise's Instagram-stalking of this cookier and others. The open support and uplifting spirit of the cookie community gave Denise the courage to open Creative Cookiery, LLC. Denise is the mother of four wonderful and handsome young men. Entering the empty nest stage of life has left her with time to experiment with recipes and to practice the art of decorated sugar cookies. Her husband of 32 years has joyfully assumed the role of cookie tester. Denise was not a baker prior to this new adventure, so he is truly enjoying her new venture! To learn more about Denise and her new business, check out her site and stalk her back on Instagram

Photo credits: Denise Maracich

Note: This article expresses the views of the author, and not necessarily those of this site, its owners, its administrators, or its employees. To read more CookieCon 2018 updates from our special Cookie Connection Correspondents Team, click here, and for CookieCon event photos, click here.


Images (5)
  • Buttons Galore on My Lanyard: Photo by Denise Maracich
  • Katy Metoyer, aka Sugar Dayne, Teaching Class sans Miles: Photo by Denise Maracich
  • Airbrushing Station in Open Decorating Room: Photo by Denise Maracich
  • Impressive Sugar Show Entry (Artist Unknown): Photo by Denise Maracich
  • Shopping the Vendor Booths: Photo by Denise Maracich

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Wow, it seems like it just started! How time flies when you're having fun, right?! Thank you for your wonderful recaps; they really made me feel as if I had been there, doing it all alongside you!

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