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Did You Know? October is National Cookie Month!

Yeah, for real!  October is National Cookie Month, at least here in the US!


So, what's this mean for Cookie Connection? In short, lots of fun stuff!


For starters, I've posted a splashy new site backdrop and banner, designed by Pretty Sweet Designs, to get us all in the spirit. (Wow, the site is so pink - I'm still getting used to it!)



October Cookie Month ThemeWORKINGFILE


But that's far from all. Throughout the month, I'll be surprising you with a few more things:

  • A new business correspondent for Cookie Connection, who will be stepping in for Aymee VanDyke with a column that journals her trials and triumphs as she moves from a home-based cookie business to a storefront. She's also our mystery guest for the October 11 live chat! Please join us then for her big reveal! (NOTE: Unfortunately, Aymee wasn't able to rejoin our contributors team as hoped, but I am eternally grateful for her fine work in her From Dough to Dollars column. Thanks, Aymee! We all wish you well in your new pursuits!)
  • A couple of fun giveaways - if all goes as planned, there will be one related to a new product, where you'll have the opportunity to provide the business owner with your off-the-cuff feedback on the concept, and another related to a personal milestone for me!
  • And, last but not least, a cookie decorating film festival of sorts! Woo hoo! Each week or so, I'll be highlighting one or two cookie videos from a "Best Cookies of YouTube" collaboration that I, SweetAmbs, Haniela, and some of our other Tastemade partners are sharing in celebration of this special month!

Stay tuned! And if you know of other not-to-be-missed cookie happenings in October, please feel free to post them in our new National Cookie Month forum. All Cookie Connection blog posts related to this special month can also be found under the new National Cookie Month News blog collection.



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  • National Cookie Month Banner: Design by Pretty Sweet Designs
  • National Cookie Month Background: Design by Pretty Sweet Designs

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