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Get Inspired with Sugar Pearls: Daisy Canvas Cookie


I'm sad to announce that this will be my final blog post as a tutorial contributor on Cookie Connection. I've got some personal matters that need my undivided attention and therefore I've decided to take a break from writing tutorials, at least for the time being. Some of you've shown a lot of interest in my previous mixed media cookie tutorial. And since it's my farewell, I thought I'd put together another mixed media cookie as my final post. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks to Pamoda for all of her fine work here on Cookie Connection! She's certainly lived up to her column's name by inspiring us each month with fabulous cookies - and this month is no exception. Wow, what a way to go . . . she's destined for decorator stardom once the Internet gets its hands on this cookie!]

Daisies are some of my favorite flowers and for that reason I picked a daisy as my subject. My inspiration was these mixed media daisy canvases I found on Kath's Blog.

What I used:
  • One (3 1/2 x 6-inch) rectangle cookie 
  • Spreading consistency royal icing, white 
  • Small spatula
  • Blue, yellow, and green gel food coloring
  • Clear alcohol (I used vodka)
  • Food use-only paint brush
  • Various rubber/clear stamps (I used musical notes, a love letter, mini letters, and numbers)
  • Brown gel food coloring
  • White gel food coloring
  • Mini circle cutters in two different sizes (or a round tip with a larger opening like Wilton tip #12)
  • Wafer paper
  • Black food writer/marker
  • Edible glue/piping gel/corn syrup (as an adhesive)
  • Tiny amount 20-second royal icing, tinted yellow (in a small sandwich bag)
  • Toothpick
  • Small dowel rod or end of a paint brush

I first covered the cookie with a layer of spreading consistency royal icing and set it aside to dry.


After watching several mixed media artists use the alcohol watercolor texture technique, I wanted to try it myself. I painted the canvas with yellow, blue, and green food coloring diluted with water. While the paint was still quite wet, I dripped alcohol in small drops using a paint brush. The result: these splats which kind of resemble the shadows of daisies in the background (or at least that's how I'm interpreting them). You can read more about alcohol watercolor texture painting at


When the paint was dry, I did some stamping. I used a love letter stamp with brown food coloring for the background. You can find more info about stamping on cookies in this tutorial. And, just as in another of my tutorials, I used a large round tip and white food coloring to print random circles all over the canvas.


I cut daisy petals out of wafer paper. I could have used plain wafer paper for this, but I decided to stamp the wafer paper with a musical note stamp before cutting out the petals. To make the petals stand out from the background, I ran a black food writer around the edge of the petals.


I arranged the petals on the cookie in the shape of a daisy, and then used a touch of edible glue (sparingly) to adhere the petals in place. I piped the center with yellow 20-second icing using a small sandwich bag. When the icing formed a crust, I poked some holes with a toothpick to create texture.


To add more texture, I mixed a bit of yellow and brown food coloring with white food coloring (this makes a mixture that has some body, sort of like the texture of acrylic paint), and used the end of a dowel rod (or paint brush) to apply some dots. I just love dots!

I drew the stem with the black food writer, and ran the food writer along the edge of the cookie for definition.

I also painted the center of the daisy with a little yellow and brown food coloring, and used a toothpick to add more white dots to the background. What? Did I say dots again?


I gave some movement to the petals by applying just the smallest amount of water to the back of the petals. Don't apply too much; it can dissolve the wafer paper. Take caution!  


I did a bit more stamping and finished off with a sentiment stamped on wafer paper.


Here's another look at the finished piece!


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Even though I had a short journey on Cookie Connection, I had a blast putting together these tutorials for you. I truly appreciate all the love and support you've shown me with your responses. I thank you with all my heart!

Be creative! Let your inspiration guide you, and let your imagination run wild!

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Such a dazzling daisy! Thanks again to Pamoda! It's been a joy having her as a contributor on Cookie Connection, and I wish her the best in tending to her personal matters. (First things first, of course!)]

Pamoda Vanderwert is a hobbyist cookie decorator who found her passion for decorating cookies while being a cake decorator. She started decorating cookies in early 2013 and hasn’t looked back since. She launched her Facebook page Sugar Pearls Cakes & Bakes around the same time as a way to connect with other cookiers, and also to share her creativity with the rest of the world. When she is not decorating cookies, she keeps herself busy as a mother of two young children.  

Photo credit: Pamoda Vanderwert

NoteGet Inspired with Sugar Pearls is a monthly Cookie Connection blog feature written by Pamoda Vanderwert, which explores how to go from source inspiration to artful cookie design through creative cookie tutorials. Its content expresses the views of the author and not necessarily those of this site, its owners, its administrators, or its employees. To catch up on all of Pamoda's past posts, click here.



Images (10)
  • Mixed Media Daisy Canvas Cookie: Cookie and Photo by Sugar Pearls Cakes & Bakes
  • Cookie Canvas Covered in Royal Icing: Cookie and Photo by Sugar Pearls Cakes & Bakes
  • Alcohol Watercolor Texture Painting: Cookie and Photo by Sugar Pearls Cakes & Bakes
  • Stamped Background: Cookie and Photo by Sugar Pearls Cakes & Bakes
  • Wafer Paper Daisy Petals: Photo by Sugar Pearls Cakes & Bakes
  • Forming the Flower Center with Royal Icing: Cookie and Photo by Sugar Pearls Cakes & Bakes
  • Creating More Texture Layers: Cookie and Photo by Sugar Pearls Cakes & Bakes
  • Giving Movement to the Wafer Paper Petals: Cookie and Photo by Sugar Pearls Cakes & Bakes
  • Stamping on the Cookie: Cookie and Photo by Sugar Pearls Cakes & Bakes
  • Finished Daisy Canvas Cookie: Cookie and Photo by Sugar Pearls Cakes & Bakes

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Stunning~!  You are so gifted! Thank you for sharing your talent with us.  I'm inspired and because of your tutorial, I feel confident enough to try some new things. Best to you always~!  Barbara


Awwwwww!  I hate to see you go.  I've been inspired by you but I haven't made the grade - yet.  Did I say yet???   Oh well...  One day (wishing on a star!).  I bought wafer paper (because of your tutorials and Julia's tutorials) and wasn't able to get it to curl.  So, I put it aside and that's where it's been for months.  (Laughing at myself.) 

Your tutorial, this pic, is jaw dropping, stunning, amazing, fantastic!  I know of the techniques you used but only did the splats and a few water colorings.  I'd love to try this cookie design.

I don't know what is going on but please know that you are on my prayer list.  Wishing the best to you and yours. 

Primero lo primero. Extrañaré tus aportaciones, he aprendido mucho de ellas. Pero solo tengo que entrar aquí para verte de nuevo. Se que volverás y Cookieconnection y todas nosotras te estaremos esperando. De nuevo GRACIAS!!

I can't say how much I love this cookie, and your very unique work! The latter was why I reached out to you to do tutorials in the first place, so, of course, I am extremely sad to see you go. But "real" life must come first, and I only wish you the very best in all you do. Of course, you're welcome to resume your post here at any time! 

That's one of the most beautiful cookies I've seen! So many textures and gorgeous colours. It's given me a lot of inspiration for a project I'm working on right now... I love it! And I'm very sad you're leaving :-(

This is such a beautiful and brilliant cookie, Pamoda!  I may have finally been inspired to give mixed media a go.  Maybe.    I will really miss your presence here on Cookie Connection, and hope that you find strength and peace to deal with whatever is going on in your personal life.  (((HUGS)))

Thank you for all your love, support and well wishes! I'm touched by your kind words! I'm doing fine, really, and my family too. I'm looking into going back to work (and school part time, hopefully). I've been off work for a couple of years to stay home with the kids. My little girl is going to kindergarten in September and we've decided it's time for me to go back to work (we really could use a second income). I've been somewhat stressed out trying to figure it all out. I knew I won't be able to juggle it all, come September. That's why I decided to take a break. I might still write a tutorial once in way when and if I get the chance, but can not commit to being a regular tutorial contributor any longer. Thank you again and much love to you <3    

Hermosa Galleta, sin duda extrañaremos tus publicaciones, Pero esperemos Que pronto regreses para compartir con nosotras tu hermoso trabajo y tu amor por las galletas decoradas¡¡ Exito :*

Bellísimo tu trabajo y muy inspirador! Me encantan tus técnicas y definitiva el resultado obtenido. Qué pronto puedas organizarte y volver! ¡Muchos cariños!

Last edited by Fabiana

Thank you!  I love this design. It remembers me the scrapbook store I visited to learn a few tips with papers.   I have found that cake artist are inspired lately in paper art to decorate cake and cookies.  Your work is so inspiring!