Julia's January Stencil Release!


Hi, everyone! Happy 2018! We're fresh from ringing in the New Year, but I'm already releasing spring and Easter sets for you! I know, I know, I feel like I'm living in some kind of time warp, but that's just how it goes in stencil land. We're always designing two to three months ahead to give you plenty of time to plan cookies for the next holiday.

If you missed last month's release, I launched a new stencil series in December called Dynamic DuosTM. You can still create lovely layered message cookies with these sets, just as with my Prettier PlaquesTM, but you essentially get double the fun with these new designs! That’s because each monthly design consists of two sets (sold separately) - one with backgrounds and another with messages and frames. Each set also contains two primary stencils along with related masking and shading pieces. And you’ll always find a minimum of two frames and messages in every message and frame set. But the best thing is: having twice as many tools affords you an incredible amount of design flexibility, as I think you'll see in my January release, below.

New January 2018 Stencils Large

Pictured in the upper left is my new Egg Hunt Dynamic DuosTM Background Set, which makes a fully cohesive design on its own. In the upper right, that set is combined with the messages and frames in the coordinating Egg Hunt Dynamic DuosTM Message and Frame Set. (Remember: while both sets are designed to work seamlessly with each other, either set can be used by itself or with elements from other Dynamic DuosTM and Prettier PlaquesTM sets.) Filling up the bottom row (right) are my partner Confection Couture's Easter Basic Accent Stencil and my usual blast from the past (and one of my personal faves) - my previously released Easter Whimsy Prettier PlaquesTM set.

Like last month, my Stencil of the Month Club members will receive both my Egg Hunt Dynamic DuosTM Background Set and Confection Couture's Easter Basic Accent Stencil - a $22.99 value for only $14.99 (plus 15% off anything else on the Confection Couture site)! If you'd love to see similar savings on my stencils month after month, then just sign up for my Club here. If you're not sure about Club membership, you can still get a discount on both of these DuosTM sets by snatching up the bundled deal on this page, which lasts from now through eternity!

Now, let's zoom in on those DuosTM sets. Here's what each set includes this month:

Egg Hunt Background Set (5 pieces)

Egg Hunt Message and Frame Set (5 pieces)
SJU0228_package_contents - NEW

With just the background set, you can make so many different designs . . . a clover patch, eggs hidden in a clover patch, a bunny in a clover patch, eggs and a bunny in a clover patch, you catch my drift . . . Below, I've done all of these things, as well as make dimensional royal icing egg transfers using the foreground layer in the set!


Here's another shot, with a better view of the cookie with both the eggs and bunny in the foreground (upper right) . . .

IMG_4145overlappingbigbackhor nicesmall2

Now, if you layer on the message and frame set, the design possibilities skyrocket! Below are just a few variations. First, two cookies with the same message and frame, but different foregrounds and cookie shapes . . .

IMG_4277 Two cookies same message diff fore v nice

Next, two big eggs with all the elements from both DuosTM sets - i.e., both foreground elements (bunny and eggs), the background clover field, and a message with frame! In the case of this DuosTM set - which is unusual because it contains two foreground elements - you need a pretty big cookie to fit everything. (Mine was a little over 5 inches long.) But, if you just use one foreground element and a message, you'll find many permutations that fit cookies in the 3- to 4-inch range.

IMG_4369 two big eggs closer NICE

And lastly, a varied, yet cohesive set of cookies using different combinations of foreground elements, different messages, and different cookie shapes and background icing colors . . .

IMG_4213 all MEssage v NICE HOR SMALL

For more details about how to use these sets, either on their own or in tandem, please check out my online instructions, which also come with all of my sets. I'll be launching two how-to videos, one next week and another closer to Easter, so please also stay tuned!

In the meantime, I leave you with a closer look at my previously released Easter Whimsy Prettier PlaquesTM set and Confection Couture's Easter Basic Accent Stencil.



(Please note that the above photo is a graphic rendering of the Confection Couture accent stencil; actual results may vary.)

That's all for this release! Here's a quick recap of the key links:

I hope you enjoy my latest stencils, and I can't wait to see the cookies you create with them!

If you have any technical questions about these stencils, please don't hesitate to email me at sweetlife@juliausher.com or to leave a comment below. Please, however, direct all ordering and Club questions to service@confectioncouturestencils.com. Thank you! 


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These are amazing!  I need to start thinking making the stencil of the month club stencils a homework assignment!

quick question- are you okay with us posting pictures using your stencils?  I did some practice ones in December and wasn’t sure I could post them.

Kim Damon posted:

Wow! Great set of stencils! I love the 3d effect you achieved. These all seem capable of creating an entire set with (with plenty of variety!). I love that! 

Very nice!

Thanks! Yeah, that's the idea with these news sets - to get as many designs out of them as possible that work together in a cohesive way. They give the user more creative freedom than with the typical stencil too - or at least that was the intent.

Econlady posted:

These are amazing!  I need to start thinking making the stencil of the month club stencils a homework assignment!

quick question- are you okay with us posting pictures using your stencils?  I did some practice ones in December and wasn’t sure I could post them.

Yeah, absolutely. Please post them. I love to see what others do with them and it also helps to get the word out about my stencils. I always appreciate a reference to where people got the stencils when people post too. Thanks so much!

Mary Williams @marebearcookies posted:
Julia M. Usher posted:
Mary Williams @marebearcookies posted:

These are so lovely. Easter will be here before we know it.  

Hi, @Mary Williams @marebearcookies! So great to see you here! I hope you got home safely! I SO enjoyed getting to know you and hope to stay connected!

Yes ordered some more stencils and can’t wait for the airbrush system to be released!!! 

Working on airbrush instructions and photos this week . . .