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National Cookie Month Film Festival - The Final Week

Alas, National Cookie Month is drawing to a close in a few short days. I hope you've had your fill of cookies and cookie tutorials over these last few weeks. But if not, no worries . . . there's still time for cookie sustenance! This week, in the last installment of our National Cookie Month Film Festival, I'm sharing the remaining videos in a special cookie video playlist, assembled by me and my fellow Tastemade partners on YouTube.


Many of these videos are YouTube blockbusters, like Mosogourmet's contribution with over 1.4 million views (and counting!). Others are recent additions to the playlist and, therefore, just hitting their stride. But all are equally yummy, and guaranteed to give you that ultimate cookie fix.


Before they debut, a quick thank you to Tastemade and all of my Tastemade network partners who created these videos, participated in this collaboration, and so willingly allowed me to share here. It's always amazing to me to see the range of cookie creativity out there - whether it be on sites like this, on blogs, in books, or in larger-than-life video form. 


Now, let's get the show on the road, as they say . . . first up, that blockbuster I talked about . . .


Fried Egg & Frying Pan Cookies by Hey! It's Mosogourmet!!


How to Decorate Zebra Print Cookies! by SweetAmbs Cookies


Sunflower Cookie Lollipops Bouquet How-To by Pink Cake Princess


And for that last-minute but delicious release . . .


How to Make Snickerdoodles! by kawaiisweetworld


I hope everyone enjoyed our special National Cookie Month coverage this month . . . stay tuned for next month, when we launch cookie awards season - a very special time when Cookie Connection honors extraordinary cookie accomplishments throughout 2014. Pretty exciting, eh?

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