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News Flash! Cake Masters Cookie Award Finalists Announced!

This is just such big news that it merits BOTH a forum post and a blog post! In case you missed my earlier forum post, here's what I'm talking about . . .


Serious congratulations are in order for several Cookie Connection members!


As promised, Cake Masters magazine announced their finalists today, in six sweets categories including cookies, and the cookie finalists are (in no particular order) . . .




Congrats to these cookiers for their exemplary work! For the finalists in the other five sweets categories (and six other special categories), click here.


What's next? Well, each finalist was asked to submit a series of photos to comprise his/her "sweets portfolio." These portfolios will be carefully reviewed and evaluated over the next week by the panel of judges pictured below. And . . . the sugar artist receiving the most top votes in each category will be declared the 2014 victor! Winner announcements are expected to coincide with the Cake Masters awards ceremony, which takes place in Birmingham, UK on November 8, 2014.




Judging from the portfolios, which I received last night, it's surely going to be a tight race. But, wow, what a tremendous accomplishment to have gotten this far!


From here on out, mum's the word for me, as all scoring is strictly confidential, of course.


Best of luck, everyone!


Images (2)
  • Finalists in 2014 Cake Masters Awards Cookie Category: Courtesy of Cake Masters Magazine
  • Judges Panel for 2014 Cake Masters Awards: Courtesy of Cake Masters Magazine

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WOW, what a fantastic accomplishment for you all. I can't imagine the talent you were up against, what an honor!!! I'm SO proud to be on this web site with SO much amazing talent help to fuel and educate my cookier future!! Congratulations to you all!!!

It's like a dream to me, I still can't beleive it! What a surprise to see my face nearby these three queens of royal icing cookies. A big thanks also to Cookie Connection that gives to all of us the opportunity to reach so many people with the thing we love the most: beautiful cookies! To be a finalist is already a winning prize to me! Thanks with all my heart ^^

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