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Ring in the New Year with Our Newest Affiliate!


It's almost that time to ring in the New Year, and I have the perfect celebratory drink for you! A dessert cocktail! Yes, these scrumptious delights by Artisan Craft Cocktails are the world's first already-perfectly blended cocktails designed to pair with cookies, cakes, and other sweets. Though after having tested all four blends, I must say that they hold up just as deliciously against savory appetizers!

Thanks to Daniel and Pamela, founders of Artisan Craft Cocktails, I had the distinct pleasure of sampling their entire line over the Christmas holiday, and I loved every sip of it! (Don't worry, they were pretty small samples stretched out over a week, so I never got too sloppy! ) Below you'll see one of my favorite holiday photos, with Artisan's beautiful "Huntington Peach" in an equally beautiful vintage glass recently acquired as part of a much larger set (shhhhh! don't tell my husband!) . . .


Anywho, I digress . . . Not only do I love Artisan's products, I also love their mission statement, which is built around this cornerstone excerpted from their site:

"We strongly believe our deepest sense of community, equality, and devotion to one another is expressed at the table . . . Our hope is that when our drinks are shared at your table, for that moment in time, there is a sense of unity . . . We choose to set our differences aside, and together we toast to a better future."

How noble a vision is that, right? Artisan is also a business born out of the pandemic. Amidst a sea of uncertainty in 2020, Daniel and Pamela took a leap of faith and forged a new and very different path (read their full story here). I deeply admire the courage, resilience, and flexibility that's required to launch a business during these crazy times, and wish them the very best in 2021 and beyond.

And there you have it: all the many great reasons that I decided to join Artisan's affiliate program! But what does being an affiliate actually mean?! It means that I'll be promoting their products on this site (and sometimes bringing you special deals on them) in exchange for earning a small referral fee for any new business I bring their way. Those fees then get funneled back into Cookie Connection, to help defray the growing costs of the site and to allow me to continue to bring it to you for free. Basically, it's a win-win situation for all.

So as you browse about Cookie Connection this New Year and happen upon the Artisan Craft Cocktail links peppered throughout, please consider clicking on one. In the process, you'll help out a fledgling business, further the notion of democracy at the table, and give yourself a rare treat!

Enjoy their site. And let's toast to a brighter, happier, more unified 2021!


Images (2)
  • Introducing Artisan Craft Cocktails: Photo Courtesy of Artisan Craft Cocktails
  • My Favorite Holiday Photo: Photo and Styling by Julia M Usher

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Wonderful!! You have a big heart Julia!! ❤️
... and the vintage character from your picture is soooo enchanting!!!
A brighter, happier and more unified 2021 for you too!!

Thanks - my house has lots of vintage character. Very quirky.

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