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Saturday Spotlight: Bake to Defeat ALS Redux

Hi, I'm back as promised this week with another Spotlight on cookiers who have risen to the Bake to Defeat ALS challenge that is ongoing through the month of August!

Take a Bite

As a reminder, this challenge has been spearheaded by Anita Cadonau-Huseby at Sweet Hope Cookies to raise awareness of ALS and funds to support the work of The ALS Association. Anita's goal with this campaign is to raise a whopping $25,000, and judging from how the tally has leapt up in the last week, I'm pretty darn certain she'll meet this goal! 


Even so, there's still a fair way to go, so I encourage you all to step up. As for how to contribute, you can donate proceeds from baking, make a straight-up cash contribution, and do any number of other things, as Anita explains here.

Still not sure how to raise money through your baking? Well, look no further than this week's Spotlight-ee Teri Pringle Wood for tips! Teri is auctioning off this gorgeous 9-inch keepsake heart on her Facebook page, and the money collected from the highest bidder will get donated to Bake to Defeat ALS.

Auction for ALS by Teri Pringle Wood

Keepsake Heart for Auction

Not sure you have time to bake? You can always bid on Teri's cookie!  Seriously, her auction is open until August 25, 2015, and the bidding is only at $125. Surely this cookie is worth at least ten times this amount! Heck, what am I saying? It's priceless! To bid, jump on over to Teri's Facebook page and post your best price in the comments area under this photo there. 

If cash is short, even spreading the word is an excellent contribution! Here at Cookie Connection, we're trying to do our part by posting about cookie contributors in our Saturday Spotlight and in social media on a weekly basis. And every day of the week, you'll see the latest donors' cookies streaming past you in our home page photo feed. Just remember: If you post your contributions here on Cookie Connection, upload them to our "Cookies for a Cause" clip set and tag and entitle them with the hashtag "#BaketoDefeatALS" to ensure that the ALS message is spread when your images get shared from this site.

Keep those contributions coming - and have a wonderful weekend!

All photos shown here are the courtesy (and copyright) of the designer listed.

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Images (3)
  • Take a Bite Out of ALS Banner: Courtesy of Anita Cadonau-Huseby, Sweet Hope Cookies
  • Bake to Defeat ALS Contribution Tally: Screen Shot from The ALS Association Website
  • Keepsake Heart for Auction: Cookie and Photos by Teri Pringle Wood

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Thank you so much... The bidding does continue until 9:00PST on August 25, 2015. The current bid is now $150. Thankful to all who have bid for this great cause. Cookies hugs to all!

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