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Saturday Spotlight: Best Cookie of 2013 Contest (Final) Finalists!

So it seems choosing Best Cookie of 2013 was tantamount to asking, "Who's more talented, Picasso or Monet?"!! All of the 39 finalists' cookies were remarkable in their artistry, each just in a different way.


And, yes, as predicted, the popular vote was neck and neck - even with over 920 votes cast, the race was too close for us to call just one winner. As this award is super special and one we at Cookie Connection don't take lightly, today we're posting the FINAL finalists, meaning the top 10 emerging from the popular vote. We're also launching an additional judging round to determine the ultimate winner as systematically and objectively as possible. (Hold onto your seats, this contest is about to get even more exciting!)



Over the next week, Kip Simpson and his team at BRP Box Shop; Karen Anderson, one of our faithful and talented Cookie Connection contributors; and I will score each of the ten finalists on the following four criteria:

  • Originality of design;
  • Difficulty of design/techniques used;
  • Mastery of design/techniques used; and
  • Overall appeal/aesthetic.

Our individual scores will be totaled and then averaged for each cookie; the highest average score will determine the winner. To allow us time to judge carefully and thoughtfully, we'll be announcing the results of this judging round in our next Saturday Spotlight on January 18


In the meantime, sit back and revel in the cookie fabulosity that is represented in each of the 10 FINAL finalists, listed below in the order they appeared on the site.


Thanks again to Kip and BRP Box Shop for sponsoring this contest and going the extra mile into this judging round. (For a reminder of his lovely prizes, click here.) Thanks as well to Karen for adding the Herculean task of choosing to an already long to-do list!  


Entry #3: Paisley Flower by Art & Honey

Paisley Flower - Art & Honey -1


Entry #5: Rainbow Birthday Cake Allison at Baked on Briar 

Rainbow Birthday Cake Allison at Baked on Briar-1


Entry #6: Superman by Brynn at Craft Me A Cookie



Entry #8: Nantucket Delicacy Set by Rebecca at The Cookie ArchitectNantucket Delicacy Set - Rebecca The Cookie Architect - 1


Entry #10: Classic Pooh Onesie Favors by Allison at Baked on Briar

Classic Pooh Onesie Favors - Allison at Baked on Briar - Character


Entry #19: Gingerbread Carousel by LSchuy 

Gingerbread Carousel_L Schuy-1


Entry #21: Cheez-It by Grunderfully Delicious

cheezit - BoysBday_Grunderfully Delicious


Entry #23: Finding Nemo by Sugared Hearts Bakery 

FindingNemo_Sugared Hearts Bakery - Character


Entry #26: Bird Houses by Tina at Sugar Wishes

Bird Houses _ Tina at Sugar Wishes - Fondant-Covered


Entry #35: Spiders! by Lucy at Honeycat Cookies 

Spiders - Lucy at Honeycat Cookies - 9


Congrats, everyone! Just one more week of waiting with bated breath!


Images (1)
  • Best Cookie Banner Shortlist: Graphic to Left by Pretty Sweet Designs

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Originally Posted by LadyGodiva2u:

Julia I am starting to think you have this sadistic streak in you to ask us to vote once again on these marvels, sigh... :-) 

Oh no, I wouldn't put you through that again. As noted above, Kip and his team, Karen and I will do the final judging. 

Last edited by Julia M. Usher

Oh good lord, I skipped that paragraph, geeezzz ( must have been the second glass of vino ). Well then I wish you guys luck in picking the winner, hope none of you will end up bald over this :-) 

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