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Best Cookie of 2013 Contest - Brought to You by BRP Box Shop

And just when you thought all the fun and games were over (I'm referring to our recent Christmas Countdown Challenge), we've got another opportunity to win for you! 


Yes, you, our Cookie Connection members and cookie-loving public, will be selecting one cookie from this site as Best Cookie of 2013!




Finalist Selection: Finalists have already been selected from among a subset of Saturday Spotlights, including the first one on June 15, 2013 (when the site launched) through December 2013. Finalists include the top position (#1 only) in each Spotlight (or all ten positions if the Spotlight was a Best of Category type, like this one, where a #1 position was not clearly determined). Finalists exclude cookies that were already finalists or winners in another contest, such as Vintage Vacation or Christmas Countdown.


Grand-Prize Winner and Runner-Up Selection: As noted, Cookie Connection members will determine the one grand-prize winner from among these finalists. All you need to do is review the finalists listed below (click on any of the names to view a finalist's cookie in larger form) or in this clip set; then cast your one vote for the cookie that you think is best by clicking on the big pink link at the very bottom of this post. (Note: By best, we mean the cookie that ranks highest in your opinion on overall design and mastery of techniques used. This is not a popularity contest and repeat votes from the same user/IP address will be excluded as always!)


Nine other runners-up will also be determined by this vote and will be featured in the next Saturday Spotlight.


In the event of any ties, site admins and contest sponsors will break those ties.


Voting Period: From now (January 5) until January 11, 2014 (5 pm CT), at which time the winner will be announced.


What the Grand-Prize Winner Receives: Thanks to our very generous sponsor, Kip Simpson and his team at BRP Box Shop, the grand-prize winner will receive over $225 worth of cookie and sweets boxes (pictured below). That's 10 boxes each of 10 different, and very cool, box types! This winner will also earn the honor of Best Cookie of 2013 and the right to brandish a special badge on his/her site or blog! 


Cookie Box Prizes


Simple enough, eh? Now onto the finalists . . . here are all 39, ordered from least to most recently posted in a Saturday Spotlight!


The Finalists


#1: Mug-Hanging Neckties by Mike @ Semi Sweet

fathers-day-hanging-mug-neck-tie-cookies-title-new-Mike at Semi Sweet


#2: Ombre Marbled Flowers by Ali's Sweet Tooth

Ombre Marbled Floral Cookies _ Alis Sweet Tooth_1


#3: Paisley Flower by Art & Honey

Paisley Flower - Art & Honey -1


#4: Gearing Up For The Fourth! by Yankee Girl Yummies

Flag Pendant by Yankee Girl Yummies -1


#5: Rainbow Birthday Cake Allison at Baked on Briar 

Rainbow Birthday Cake Allison at Baked on Briar-1


#6: Superman by Brynn at Craft Me A Cookie



#7: Back to School by Custom Cookies by Jill 

Back to School Jill at Custom Cookies by Jill -1


#8: Nantucket Delicacy Set by Rebecca at The Cookie ArchitectNantucket Delicacy Set - Rebecca The Cookie Architect - 1


#9: Cookie Chests by 4-D Cookies 

Cookie Chests _4D Cookies_3D-4d


#10: Classic Pooh Onesie Favors by Allison at Baked on Briar

Classic Pooh Onesie Favors - Allison at Baked on Briar - Character


#11: Beatrix Potter-Themed Cookies bKim at Sugar Rush Custom Cookies 

beatrix Themed Kim - Handpainted


#12: BBQ Cookies by Lucky Penny

BBQ Cookies_Cookies That Look Like Other Food_Lucky Penny


#13: Custom Birthday Set by Dolce

CustomBirthday Set - Platter Designs _Dolce


#14: Fondant and Pearls by Tina at Sugar Wishes

FondantandPearls_Tinsa Sugar Wishes_Anniverary


#15: Easter by Kimber at Bubbe's Yummies

Lavendar Egg Kimber at Bubbe's Yummes - Needlepoint


#16: Motorbike Cookie by Lucy at Honeycat Cookies

Motorbike Cookie _ Lucy at Honeycat Cookies - Sports


#17: Piping Crazy Cookies by Laurie at Cookie Bliss

Piping Crazy Cookies _ Flower Cookies_Laurie at Cookie Bliss


#18: The Sweet Bakery by Patricia at Experimentos Con Azúcar

The Sweet Bakery_Patricia at Experimentos con Azucar_Bouquet


#19: Gingerbread Carousel by LSchuy 

Gingerbread Carousel_L Schuy-1


#20: Tatty Teddy by Maggie Loves Cookies 

Tatty Teddy - Maggie Loves Cookies - 2


#21: Cheez-It by Grunderfully Delicious

cheezit - BoysBday_Grunderfully Delicious


#22: Antique Clocks by bobbiebakes

Antique Clock - Bobbibakes - Brushembroidered


#23: Finding Nemo by Sugared Hearts Bakery 

FindingNemo_Sugared Hearts Bakery - Character


#24: Matryoshka Dolls by Patricia at Experimentos Con Azúcar

Matruiska Dolls Patricia Experimentos con Auzcar - edible papers


#25: Helen Dardik-Inspired Flower Print by Yankee Girl Yummies 

Helen Dardik-Inspired Flower Print - Fall - Yankee Girl Yummies


#26: Bird Houses by Tina at Sugar Wishes

Bird Houses _ Tina at Sugar Wishes - Fondant-Covered


#27: World War Z by Litterelly Delicious Cakery

World War Z - Litterelly Delicious Cakery - Halloween and Horror


#28: Hungarian Blazon by AnikÓ VargÁnÉ OrbÁn 

Hungarian Blazon Aniko Vargane Orban - Patriotic


#29: Stamped Cookies by Sugar Pearls Cakes and Bakes

Stamped Cookies _Rubber-Stamped_SugarPearls Cakes and Bakes


#30: Jester Set by The Cookie Architect

Suspended Cookies_Jester Set_The Cookie Architect


#31: Halloween Ghost Cookies by Mike at Semi Sweet

halloween-ghost-cookies-Mike at Semi Sweet - 1


#32: Rose Lace Boxes by AnikÓ VargÁnÉ OrbÁn

Rose Lace Boxes By Aniko Vargane Orban -1


#33: GO BO! by The Cookie Architect

Go Bo - Cookie Architect 1


#34: 3-D Winter Cookie Scene by De Koekenbakkers

3D Winter Cookie Scene - DeKoekenbakkers - 1

#35: Spiders! by Lucy at Honeycat Cookies 

Spiders - Lucy at Honeycat Cookies - 9


#36: Fall Thank Yous by The Tailored Cookie

Fall Thank Yous - Tailored Cookie -1


#37: Adirondack Chalet by Rebecca at The Cookie Architect

Adirondack Chalet - Cookie Architect - 1


#38: Winter Twilight by Rita Oarga 

Winter Twilight - Rita Oarga - 1


#39: Pilgrim Turkeys by Sweet Treats by Casey

Pilgrim Turkeys - Sweet Treats by Casey -1


Congrats to all of our deserving finalists and thanks again to BRP Box Shop for sponsoring this contest. I know it's going to be tough to choose just one cookie (they're all amazing), but give it your best shot. You cannot change your vote once it's cast, so please ponder all of the finalists carefully!


** VOTE HERE! **


Images (2)
  • Best Cookie of 2013 Banner: Graphic (Left) by Pretty Sweet Designs
  • Cookie Box Prizes: Courtesy of BRP Box Shop

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I wish I'd thought of doing that. I just kept a list of numbers, and kept going up and down the list eliminating. I guess it was KIND of like eney-meny-mine-mo. (
Originally Posted by LadyGodiva2u:

They're all so wonderful, they all have something unique, started doing the " eeny, meeny, miny, moe " cause really it isn't an easy task to come up with only one cookie



My judgment is based on the difficulty ... even though I liked the other ..... but when I see the incredible work and I can not understand how he managed to run right to vote ... is the toughest job ... !

I just voted! I am so impressed with all of the talent and creativity! All are winners in my book, and it was incredibly difficult to narrow down one cookie to vote for. Excellent cookies!

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