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Saturday Spotlight: Holiday Cookie Video Roundup


It's easy to forget the treasure trove of videos that get posted to this site, as our home page photo feeds are oh-so-captivating and often all-consuming. That being said, I decided to mix up this week's Spotlight by gifting you with a roundup of Christmas and Hanukkah videos that you may have overlooked. Some are full-fledged tutorials; others are short-and-sweet teasers of seasonal cookie delights. But all are bound to boost the holiday cheer and whet your appetite!

This Spotlight is also different in another respect. Rather than present the top-trending videos, I have simply listed the ten holiday videos that have been posted to the site most recently, in order of most to least recent. (The classification systems on our site don't make it easy for me to isolate top-trending videos within a certain category. Plus, Christmas gift shopping, trimming the tree, decking my halls, and planning holiday menus are all telling me that I shouldn't make things harder than they need to be! )

I hope you (and I!) will find time between holiday chores to sneak in some binge-watching. From what I've already seen, these videos are quite therapeutic! In the meantime, please say congrats to this week's honorees. (Note: If a featured artist did not embed a YouTube video on this site, you will not see a video player embedded below. Instead, you will have to click on the pink link above the photo to view that person's video.)

#1: Christmas Star by E. Kiszowara MOJE PIERNIKI
#1 - Christmas Star by E. Kiszowara MOJE PIERNIKI

#2: How to Decorate a Christmas Cookie Snowman by VictoryO

#3: How to Use Julia’s “Deck the Halls!” Stencil Set by Julia M Usher [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hey, that's me! ]

#4: Stained Glass Cookies, Virgencita Plis by Alison Friedli
#4 - Stained Glass Cookies, Virgencita Plis by Alison Friedli

#5: Buffalo Plaid Bears by Emma's Sweets

#6: Wood Plank Effect on Cookies by Emma’s Sweets [EDITOR'S NOTE: Kudos to @Emma's Sweets on her second recognition of the week! She's been one of our most prolific posters of videos, and I hope she'll continue that trend in 2018!]

#7: Sugar Cookie Menorah by SugaredAndIced

#8: Knitted Mitten Cookie by VictoryO [EDITOR'S NOTE: Another two-time honoree this week! Special congrats to @VictoryO!]

#9: 3-D Rocking Horse by Edes mezes by Kenyeres Aniko
#10 - 3-D Rocking Horse by Edes mezes by Kenyeres Aniko

#10: Pine Branch Bauble by Lucy (Honeycat Cookies)

I hope you enjoyed this little twist on our usual Spotlight. I know I did! 'Til next week, happy holiday decorating!


Images (4)
  • Holiday Cookie Video Roundup Banner: Cookies and Videos by Edes mezes by Kenyeres Aniko (left) and Lucy (Honeycat Cookies); Graphic Design by Julia M Usher
  • #1 - Christmas Star: By E. Kiszowara MOJE PIERNIKI
  • #4 - Stained Glass Cookies, Virgencita Plis: By Alison Friedli
  • #9 - 3-D Rocking Horse: By Edes mezes by Kenyeres Aniko

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Emma's Sweets posted:

Wow! Thank you so much.. I will be more present here in the new year with many more videos to share xo

Great! Can't wait!

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