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Saturday Spotlight: Top 10 Cookies


Hi! I hope everyone is remaining safe and healthy, and that the required social distancing isn't driving you too stir-crazy. I had the first great day I've had since the quarantine began, and I think it was due, in large part, to our "Cookiers Helping Cookiers" chat, hosted by @SugarDotCookies, which started my day off on the right foot. It was really uplifting for me to hear from so many cookiers who have made lemonade out of lemons (so to speak) by quickly pivoting their businesses during the pandemic. (Now you know why I chose this week's cover image by the super talented @Andrea Costoya. Not only is it stunning, but it also perfectly fits the tone set by this morning's chat.) If you didn't have the opportunity to attend the chat, I encourage you to read the transcript and to join us next month for what Dotty and I hope will be a Zoom-based followup.


My day continued with a hike of Three Spring Farms, our farm (pictured above), which is named after the three natural springs that feed the creek that runs through it. If you attended the chat, you'll know that I was in quest of the elusive morel mushroom that grows wild in the woods here. Alas, none were to be found. But, I DID find solace in connecting with my husband for seven straight hours, uninterrupted by the racing thoughts and anxiety that have plagued me for weeks.

Now, what better way to end my day than by looking at this week's glorious hot list*?! It features a lot of carryovers from Easter, as well as standouts from our ongoing Practice Bakes Perfect food look-alike challenge (which you should also check out, here, BTW). Special congrats go to THREE two-time honorees this week: @Dolce Flo@Evelindecora, and @Kim Damon!

Onward, shall we?!

#1: Alice in Easterland by Dolce Flo
#1 - Alice in Easterland by Dolce Flo

#2: Happy Easter Cookies by Evelindecora
#2 - Happy Easter Cookies by Evelindecora

#3: Bunny Cookie Scene by Evelindecora#3 - Bunny Cookie Scene by Evelindecora

#4: Easter Fantasy by Dolce Flo#4 - Easter Fantasy by Dolce Flo

#5: Learn to Make Lemonade by Andrea Costoya
#5 - Learn To Make Lemonade by Andrea Costoya

#6: Signs of Spring by Sandi Vanderwall
#6 - Signs of Spring by Sandi Vanderwall

#7: Happy Easter by CHIKAKO.F#7 - Happy Easter by CHIKAKO.F

#8: Burger and Fries with Pickles on the Side by Kim Damon#8 - Burger And Fries With Pickles On The Side by Kim Damon

#9: Comfort Food, Anyone? by Kim Damon#9 - Comfort Food, Anyone? by Kim Damon

#10: Happy Easter to All! by Elke Hoelzle
#10 - Happy Easter to All by Elke Hoelzle

And that's all for this week. As you venture into the unknowns of next week, I hope you all can find a bit of the peace that I found today. Take care!

* As a reminder, a word about how the rankings are determined: The rankings are not at all subjective. In fact, they are determined essentially by you, our members, and the activity (number of views, likes, and comments) you've bestowed on each photo. The site uses a top-secret algorithm that weighs these various factors to determine which photos are trending most quickly (i.e., are the "hottest") over specified periods of time. As such, the hot list at the time of this announcement may look a little different a few hours or a day from now as more photos are added to the site.

So that no one has an unfair advantage in making it onto a hot list, the algorithm is secret even to site administrators. Only our platform developers know the code, which has been exhaustively tested by those developers and Cookie Connection staff.

All photos shown here are the courtesy (and copyright) of the designers listed.

To check out our other hot lists, at any time of day, visit our Hot Spot, also found in the site's main navigation line.


Images (12)
  • Top 10 Cookies Banner: 3-D Cookies and Photo by Andrea Costoya; Graphic Design by Julia M Usher
  • Creek on Three Spring Farms: Photo by Julia M Usher
  • #1 - Alice in Easterland: By Dolce Flo
  • #2 - Happy Easter Cookies: By Evelindecora
  • #3 - Bunny Cookie Scene: By Evelindecora
  • #4 - Easter Fantasy: By Dolce Flo
  • #5 - Learn to Make Lemonade: By Andrea Costoya
  • #6 - Signs of Spring: By Sandi Vanderwall
  • #7 - Happy Easter: By CHIKAKO.F
  • #8 - Burger and Fries with Pickles on the Side: By Kim Damon
  • #9 - Comfort Food, Anyone?: By Kim Damon
  • #10 - Happy Easter to All!: By Elke Hoelzle

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Simply amazing work by such talented artists!! Love seeing all this creativity flowing through our site 😊. A special congrats to those honorees with TWO cookie clip sets featured this week @Evelindecora, @Kim Damon and @Dolce Flo 🤗. 

What an amazingly beautiful location for you and your husband to enjoy quality time together! @Julia M. Usher! I cherish having that type of quality time with my hubby as well ❤. 

Hugs to all...

This (for sure) cheered me up! As my cookie fun changed to mask making fun, I could not bring myself to make cookies. Even though food (being one of my favorite things to impersonate) kept calling to me. Easter coming finally tipped the scales for me to make cookies, and the reward of 2 of my little darlings being spotlighted, was such a kiss on the cheek. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And God bless you all and keep you safe.

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