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Saturday Spotlight: Top 10 Cookies


On this eve of Independence Day, it's only fitting that this week's top-trending cookie (and also our cover image) is a tribute to the beauty of the United States. Kudos to @Zeena for the very clever concept of depicting every state flower atop a single map of the USA! The result is breathtaking, and a wonderful start to this holiday weekend. But don't stop at Zeena's cookie! This week's hot list* celebrates the season in many different ways across the world. It's got stunning furin (wind chimes), which are a symbol of summer in Japan. Also making a colorful appearance is handpainted bunting for Festa Junina, a Brazilian midwinter celebration inspired by Europe's midsummer festivals. Our Spotlight even has a fanciful frog, emblematic of Japan's rainy season.

No matter where we might be, we cookiers seem to have at least one thing in common: a joy of sharing the places we love through our creations. Over the years, I have learned so much about so many countries I have never seen, all because of your very wonderful and patriotic cookie contributions. Please keep them coming - they are one of the best parts of this global community. And, of course, a huge shout-out to this week's honorees!

#1: United Flowers of America by Zeena#1 - United Flowers of America by Zeena

#2: Festa Junina Little Banners by Elke Hoelzle#2 - Festa Junina Little Banners by Elke Hoelzle

#3: Fireworks on Stars by KellyMadeThat#3 - Fireworks on Stars by KellyMadeThat

#4: Handpainted Floral in Royal Icing Relief by Mariana Meirelles
#4 - Handpainted Floral in Royal Icing Relief by Mariana Meirelles

#5: Furin by Megumi
#5 - Furin by Megumi

#6: Frog by Ange&Rose
#6 - Frog by Ange&Rose

#7: Narwhals by Christine McKnight
#7 - Narwhals by Christine McKnight

#8: Spring Blooms by Laura Glass
#8 - Spring Blooms by Laura Glass

#9: Baby Shower Party by Ewa Kiszowara MOJE PIERNIKI
#9 - Baby Shower Party by Ewa Kiszowara MOJE PIERNIKI

#10: A Wedding Day! by Gina's Cake
#10 - A Wedding Day!

Congrats again to this week's honorees. And have a great Fourth of July if you celebrate!

* As a reminder, a word about how the rankings are determined: The rankings are not at all subjective. In fact, they are determined essentially by you, our members, and the activity (number of views, likes, and comments) you've bestowed on each photo. The site uses a top-secret algorithm that weighs these various factors to determine which photos are trending most quickly (i.e., are the "hottest") over specified periods of time. As such, the hot list at the time of this announcement may look a little different a few hours or a day from now as more photos are added to the site.

So that no one has an unfair advantage in making it onto a hot list, the algorithm is secret even to site administrators. Only our platform developers know the code, which has been exhaustively tested by those developers and Cookie Connection staff.

All photos shown here are the courtesy (and copyright) of the designers listed.

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  • Top 10 Cookies Banner - July 3, 2021: Cookie and Photo by Zeena; Graphic Design by Julia M Usher
  • #1 - United Flowers of America: By Zeena
  • #2 - Festa Junina Little Banners: By Elke Hoelzle
  • #3 - Fireworks on Stars: By KellyMadeThat
  • #4 - Handpainted Floral in Royal Icing Relief: By Mariana Meirelles
  • #5 - Furin: By Megumi
  • #6 - Frog: By Ange&Rose
  • #7 - Narwhals: By Christine McKnight
  • #8 - Spring Blooms: By Laura Glass
  • #9 - Baby Shower Party: By Ewa Kiszowara MOJE PIERNIKI
  • #10 - A Wedding Day!: By Gina's Cake

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What a gorgeous collection. Congratulations to everyone featured. Thank you so much Julia for taking time over this holiday weekend to compile this for us. ❤️❤️😘🍪🍪

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