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Saturday Spotlight: Top 10 Halloween Cookies


Boo! It's almost Halloween and time to get cracking on your Halloween cookie decorating! If I've scared you into a jaw-clenching frenzy of cookie brainstorming, chill out . . . I've got some spook-tacular inspiration in this week's Spotlight that's sure to provide ample food for thought!

Congrats to those on this week's hot list* for your spine-tingling designs - and I do mean "spine-tingling" in the best of all possible ways!  A special shout-out to @Olivera Vlah for making our hot list three times this week with some of the most ghoulish cookie characters I've ever seen! And also a huge "hurrah" to @Dhsprad for the staying power of her Halloween set in the #8 spot. She first posted this set in October 2014, and it is still steadily attracting eyeballs (so to speak!) with now almost 24,000 views!

#1: Witch Better Have My Candy by Sweet Elise
#1 - Witch Better Have My Candy by Sweet Elise

#2: Art Deco Halloween Cookies by mintlemonade (cookie crumbs)#2 - Art Deco Halloween Cookies by mintlemonade (cookie crumbs)

#3: Halloween Unicorn by Sugarcat
#3 - Halloween Unicorn

#4: Jack-O’-Lantern by Econlady#4 - Jack-O’-Lantern by econlady

#5: Spooky Time by Olivera Vlah#5 - Spooky Time by Olivera Vlah

#6: Franky by Olivera Vlah#6 - Franky by Olivera Vlah

#7: Halloween Witch by Olivera Vlah
#7 - Halloween Witch by Olivera Vlah

#8: Halloween by Dhsprad#8 - Halloween by Dhsprad

#9: Bloody Halloween II by Ana Maria Borja (Nanita Pachita)#9 - Bloody Halloween II by Ana Maria Borja (Nanita Pachita)

#10: Halloween by carolina santiago#10 - Halloween by carolina santiago

That's a wrap - and not of the mummy variety! My compliments again to this week's honorees, and also one reminder: I'm out of town next weekend at my namesake "Julia Usher's Decorated Cookie Competition" at the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show! Woo hoo! It promises to be a zany weekend, as it's the show's 25th anniversary, so I'll be foregoing next week's Spotlight! I'll be back on October 6, hopefully with a recap of the show and its winners. Stay tuned!

* As a reminder, a word about how the rankings are determined: The rankings are not at all subjective. In fact, they are determined essentially by you, our members, and the activity (number of views, likes, and comments) you've bestowed on each photo. The site uses a top-secret algorithm that weighs these various factors to determine which photos are trending most quickly (i.e., are the "hottest") over specified periods of time. As such, the hot list at the time of this announcement may look a little different a few hours or a day from now as more photos are added to the site.

So that no one has an unfair advantage in making it onto a hot list, the algorithm is secret even to site administrators. Only our platform developers know the code, which has been exhaustively tested by those developers and Cookie Connection staff.

All photos shown here are the courtesy (and copyright) of the designers listed.

To check out our other hot lists, at any time of day, visit our Hot Spot, also found in the site's main navigation line.


Images (11)
  • Top 10 Halloween Cookies Banner: Cookie and Photo by Olivera Vlah; Graphic Design by Julia M Usher
  • #1 - Witch Better Have My Candy: By Sweet Elise
  • #2 - Art Deco Halloween Cookies: By mintlemonade (cookie crumbs)
  • #3 - Halloween Unicorn: By Sugarcat
  • #4 - Jack-O’-Lantern: By Econlady
  • #5 - Spooky Time: By Olivera Vlah
  • #6  - Franky: By Olivera Vlah
  • #7 - Halloween Witch: By Olivera Vlah
  • #8 - Halloween: By Dhsprad
  • #9 - Bloody Halloween II: By Ana Maria Borja (Nanita Pachita)
  • #10 - Halloween: By carolina santiago

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