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Site Snafu - Patience As I Work It Out!


Hi, all. I upgraded to a new version of Crowdstack today to test a possible new feature addition to the site. Unfortunately, a side, unexpected consequence of the change was the addition of a "Subgroups" tab to the main navigation line, which is causing that line to lap to two lines and making it difficult to access one's member profile. I am working with Crowdstack now to get that tab removed, as I don't have any intention of using that new feature of this upgrade. I am not sure when that fix will be made.

In the meantime, if you scroll down a bit from the top of the site, your member avatar should emerge from beneath other text, so you can access it. See the screenshot of what I'm describing below:

Screen Shot 2021-03-07 at 12.45.51 AM

I am sorry for this inconvenience. I was not aware this would happen with the upgrade, but Crowdstack and I are on the fix!


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*** UPDATE - 3-7-2021 ***

The tab has been removed! (Wow, that was fast! Thanks to Crowdstack!) Regarding the aforementioned upgrade: It may be a few months before I can sort through the new features that were added. And they may not be immediately obvious to you even if/when I roll them out. So proceed as usual for the time being. I'm going to leave it a mystery for now.

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