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What Types of Cookie Classes Do You Want in 2021?


Hi, everyone! Alas, with Dotty - our past survey writer - having recently moved on to bigger and better things, I have assumed the hat of Chief Site Survey Writer once again. But, I am kind of a data geek, so this task suits me pretty well , and this survey's subject matter is one that interests me - and I suspect many of you - a lot!

I hope you'll take a moment to fill it out before January 31; it shouldn't take more than a few minutes. The survey aims to better understand the format and content of cookie decorating classes that people are most likely to pay for in 2021. The survey is open to anyone anywhere, and real-time results will reveal to all Cookie Connection members, but only after you've taken the survey. I can't commit to a further recap of survey results, as Dotty used to do, but members can still benefit from this survey by taking it and viewing the automatically generated results.

IMPORTANT: This survey is intended only for potential students of cookie decorating classes, NOT FOR TEACHERS of them. I am planning a second survey for teachers at a later date. If you took a class in 2020 OR didn't, but wanted to, I am interested in hearing from you. If you are both a teacher and a student, I'd also like to hear from you, but with your "student cap" on.


AN ASIDE: If you or another cookier you know would like to assume the role of Chief Site Survey Writer (or Chat Organizer, another title held by Dotty), I am more than willing to relinquish my duties. Please email me to express interest or suggestions at


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