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Yes, I Arrived at CookieCon . . . and Took Classes!


Yes, I arrived after much delay and stress on Tuesday. The airline lost my luggage, and for a while there, I thought I was going to be the one with no clothes and no cookies! But the luggage eventually arrived, as did my cookies via FedEx. (See my earlier post about my missing cookies.)

I could not settle in and rest, so I wandered over to the class area and ended up assisting Myri Sanchez of Chapix Cookies with class prep. [EDITOR'S NOTE: That's Myri pictured above, in the foreground holding the camera.]

After a good night's sleep on Tuesday, I started Wednesday with classes! Autumn Carpenter's was my first, and we did fondant on the very cutest of animal cookies.


She also showed us a lot of her tips and tricks for modifying existing tools. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Well, this comment and picture sure piqued my interest! Jennifer, can you tell us why on earth Autumn modified what looks to be fan brushes below? To do what, pray tell?]


My next class was with Patrice Romzick of Springerle Joy, and, let me tell you, her class WAS a joy! It was so different to work with the DOUGH being the main decoration, when I am so used to the ICING being the star!


After such a full day, I did not think it could get much better, but the next day (today, Thursday) I was in class with Georganne Bell of LilaLoa, and she showed us all how to make a Halloween set of cookies that was simply delightful! "More grunge," she kept saying to the group as more (and more) watered-down black/brown food coloring "paint" was added to the cookies.


Tonight is the keynote address, and I'll post more later! 


Jennifer Wallace, aka jennibakes4uis a Certified Wilton Method Instructor and has been decorating cakes for over 25 years. A few years ago, she started decorating cookies, and she now ships her edible works of art nationwide. Her kitchen is registered and inspected by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. "Most of the cookies I make are gingerbread, as I love the texture and taste when paired with royal icing," adds Jennifer.

While at CookieCon, Jennifer is going to give video interviews with Mike, Karen, and instructors a go, but if the video part doesn't work out, she'll convey all the same great content in blog posts with photos! Jennifer also aims to interview others on the subject of the business of cookies.

Photo credit: Jennifer Wallace

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Images (5)
  • Set-up Helpers with Myri Sanchez of Chapix Cookies: Photo by Jennifer Wallace
  • Class Set-up for Autumn Carpenter: Photo by Jennifer Wallace
  • Autumn Modifies her Fan Brushes for a Cool Effect!: Photo by Jennifer Wallace
  • Patrice Romzick and Her Wonderful Assistant Demystify Springerle Cookies!: Photo by Jennifer Wallace
  • Georganne Bell Teaches How to Make Halloween "Grunge" Cookies: Photo by Jennifer Wallace

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Thank you Jennie for all your help and kindness.

A VERY BIG THANK YOU to you, Joey, Perla, Karina, Nadia and Mariana. You all made my Pre-CC classes a great experience! I will never forget you! 



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  • Thank you girls!!!: Pre-CookieCon 2015
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